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Steps to Get Psychological Help Online

The National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences says that 13.7% of the population is undergoing various mental disorders in India and out of the 10.6% of the population need to seek medical attention immediately.

In the era of competition, stress has come out as an epidemic that disturbs the mental state of mind. Mental disorders are still not addressed in our country because we people believe that only “mad” people go for counselling.

The concept of online counselling has become popular to provide a comfort zone to the people dealing with these issues. The online counselling provides you with the experts with whom you can share your problem. The best part is that they won’t judge you.

We tend to seek out care from professionals, who are trained specialists when it comes to managing our health. Anonymity keeps people comfortable when it comes to online counseling. We live in a time when not everyone finds it easy to speak up their mind especially the people who are going through some mental illness or mental health issues.

It is very important to seek psychological help online coming in terms with a professional. Mental health is something that everyone is not comfortable talking about and feels ashamed of sharing with others, in such a case going for an online session with a professional is advisable. Online mental health counseling services are considered as an easy start when somebody is coping with some mental issues so as to keep things private.  `

Get Psychological help online by following the below steps-

1. Connect with your expert:

The first step towards reaching your goal to get healed mentally is to get connected with the expert that is the Therapist. Most of the people still feel ashamed to talk about their mental illness and thus, they want to keep the whole session personal and private. People dealing with such issues do not want themselves to get judged by others and therefore it is best to talk to some anonymous being that can heal you through the process. Connecting with your expert online is the first step in your journey. There are several means through which you can get connected and they are:

2. Hotlines

Hotlines are one of the most accessible ways to reach out to your therapist. They deal with issues like suicidal thoughts, depression, abuse, and many more. These numbers give instant access to people dealing with stress, depression, addiction, and many other issues.

3. Chat rooms

If anyone is not comfortable with the idea of going to meetings in person, then online counseling is the best way to deal with it. There are chat rooms where you can talk to the expert and share your concerns. They also reciprocate in the same manner and give answers to their client’s queries through chat rooms through messages. A person who is depressed, despairing, going through a tough time in their life, and just needs someone to open up then the trained specialists get connected to these clients. Some chat rooms also promote interaction with others who have faced similar problems, rather than connecting them with a professional. During the chat room session, the user is asked for some personal information, like the name age, phone number, that is kept personal.

3. Online communities

There are online communities all over the web where you can find groups of anonymous people connecting and sharing their stories. This is done through online sites that offer anonymity and free blogging.  This is a platform where people dealing with similar issues share their thoughts with like-minded people and help each other with the help of their experiences. People dealing with issues like addiction, eating disorders, depression, and more.

The best part to get connected through these communities is that people constantly share their personal stories and links to others that could help them in their personal journey. In addition, each thread is linked to a moderator.  In case if someone is in serious need of professional help, then there will be a professional available to take you through the right path.

4. Apps

If you need a quick way to get rid of all the worries and clear your head, consider downloading an app.  Downloading apps is just a click away; however, most of them are for simply venting out your secrets, rather than seeking professional help. Some of the apps that can have a place in your mobile are Secret and Whisper.

Secret: If people in your phone contact have the same app on their phone then this app connects you to them. As soon as you post your secret it is liked and shared by other anonymous users. Your identity is kept a secret as people can’t easily figure out your identity.

Whisper: Whisper is the app where people share what’s on their mind in a quick post on the app. This anonymously connects you to its users for those little secrets that you keep to yourself.

5. Discuss your concern

As soon as you will find the right medium which will help you deal with your mental illness, you just need to open up to the concerned person in your comfort zone. Psychological help online will help you get the necessary guidance you need to deal with it that comes straight from your chosen source and get the best attention they deserve.

When a professional from the field is dealing with your issue he may prescribe you such sessions at regular intervals. Some prescribed medicines can also be of great help while going through such therapy. 

6. Unleash a better you

The online counseling and the therapies help a lot of people to de-stress themselves. As soon as people vent out the unwanted stuff from their mind they get enough free space to fill the right one. The right advice and counselling from the expert paves the way for people to explore a better version of themselves. This definitely helps them to move towards a better tomorrow.

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