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Comparing the Cost Effectiveness of Cleaning Strategies: Dry vs. Wet

When put in simpler words, dry cleaning costs quite a bit more as compared to any wet or laundry cleaning service. However, before inferring we need to understand the underlining concepts and efficacy of each cleaning process before we can even talk about the cost-effectiveness.

Why the Dry Cleaning Process costs more?

Needless to say, dry cleaning is a far more intricate job. There are specialized dubai dry cleaners with expertise and professional skills on display. They understand that this process requires the inclusion of chemical solvents into the mix, unlike the basic wet wash. In most cases, people resort to laundry washing or rather wet washing which duly involves water. As water is amiss in dry cleaning, the rates are significantly on the higher side.

There are quite a few other reasons why dry cleaning costs more that wet cleaning:

1. Usage of Perchlorethylene

The inclusion of this chemical solvent readily increases the pricing. Dry cleaning, therefore, is never tagged as a usual cleaning service and therefore only concerns garments that require special attention. This is why Perchlorethylene makes an appearance. This costly chemical is used to remove grease stains and is synonymous to using detergent in water, during wet cleaning.

2. Tumbling

Unlike the wet cleaning that uses the agitation process inside the machines for removing detergent leftovers, dry cleaning Dubai resorts to tumbling inside machines to recycle and remove the chemicals. This process is more arduous and requires additional skills.

3. Costly Machines

As water isn’t used, dry cleaned clothes require specialized machines for the purpose of drying via spinning. The inclusion of these machines increases the prices of these services.
Why Choose Wet Cleaning?

In most cases, basic laundry services are sufficient for getting dirt and stains off our clothes. There are a host of wet cleaning solutions that qualify. Moreover, almost 90 percent of our clothes do not require harmful chemicals. Skin sensitivity is yet another factor that is usually taken into account before selecting cleaning services.

Which one is Cost-Effective?

In this segment we will strictly talk about the cost-effectiveness of the process and wouldn’t go into the technologies. Wet or laundry cleaning is energy efficient and consumes almost half power as compared to dry cleaning. Therefore, the former automatically qualifies as a cost-effective process.

Moreover, dry cleaning is mainly dedicated towards suits, blankets, and other heavy items which cannot be drenched in water. As the clientele is restricted, the pricing often goes through the roof.


Both wet and dry cleaning have their places in this arena. However, we would only recommend dry cleaning if the garments demand additional attention and there are only professionals taking care of the entire process. Wet cleaning, however, is a more straightforward process which doesn’t even cost a lot. Strictly, on the basis of affordability, we would say that laundry cleaning is better as it digs a smaller hole in our pockets.

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