6 real ways to stay calm during a move

Making a move to a different location either within the city or to a new city is regarded as one of the most frightful activities by individuals. While you will repeatedly hear such stories from friends and colleagues, it is only a when you actually experience one that you will truly understand how stressful it can be actually be.

Just the thought of moving will make people frustrated and stunned about facing the entire process. Leaving just the stress part aside, making a move out of our cozy home and city that you are so used to living, may run a mix of emotions like confusion, shock, denial, fear, depression and anxiety that you may need to control and manage. You may obviously feel it is easier said than done, yet we recommend you to run through this list to learn on how to stay calm during a move:

  1. Plan ahead

Most of moving notices are provide 3 months in advance by your employer. But if this is not the case with you and moving out to a different city is totally your choice for better prospects, try to give yourself at least 2 months before the actual moving date to prepare and plan it properly.

  • Hiring trusted Packers and Movers in Hyderabad is one of the single biggest stresses that occupy your emotions. Research well online for the movers that fit your budget together with high quality service. Talk to multiple moving companies and get a few rate estimates for comparison. Also, check with your friends and colleagues for references.
  • You must keep your budget within your permissible limits. You should keep your new purchases restricted to save as much cash in hand as possible since moving can prove expensive not just for packing and moving, you may also need cash to meet any kind of eventualities in the new city of move.
  • While you may still be busy working in your current job, you should allot yourself some time in a day to plan and prepare your move that will also help you come out of denial.


  1. Unclutter your space

You would have collected a lot of stuff in your life by now. Some may have become obsolete and some worn out that you no longer use. Check all the clothes and accessories you have right down to the bottom of your wardrobe. You may also need to check the corners of your house and maybe the storage area. You will most certainly come across such goods that you may no longer need. Give them away. Stay light. This will make thing much easier for you to reduce you stress altogether.


  1. Organise yourself

You will find it more chaotic as the days come closer to the move date. You must learn to organise yourself to stay calm.

  • Create an inventory list of your household goods. This must be a comprehensive checklist that will detail tiniest article of your belongings.
  • With this list, identify the most important documents like aadhar card, certificates, passport, pan card and other legal documents and pack them in a separate case and label it for a quick identification
  • You will need essentials all the times during the move. Prepare a separate box for all the essentials like toiletries, cords, chargers, first-aid kit, snacks and drinking water. Having such essentials all the time with you will certainly reduce some amount of stress you will go through.


  1. Practice self-care

You needn’t get overwhelmed by the fact that you are moving away to a new city. You should in fact try to take in by your stride and continue to do all the activities that you have been doing for your health and amusement. This will give your mind time to relax and reduce the stress that you are facing.


  1. Pay a visit to new home before moving

It always helps to get accustomed to the aliens. You must familiarise yourself with the new house plan, the new neighbourhood and services. This will comfort your emotions of moving out of a cosy place to a hostile one. You will be ready to accept this change faster than normal.


  1. Bid proper goodbyes

Yes relocating can be gloomy when you are moving away from the closest of friends and a loving neighbourhood. You are leaving great memories behind. So ensure you bid proper goodbyes to your friends and neighbours by throwing a goodbye party for the closest people to cherish this memory forever. This will help you reduce your emotions that develop into added stress.

Professional Movers and Packers in Bangalore that you hire too will be of a huge help in combating your moving stress. They take upon themselves the stress of preparing, planning and executing a perfect move that will help you stay calm during this tough process and help you remain composed throughout.

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