Samsung Back Glass Replacement Tips

Your Samsung back glass got broke and there are many new release phone in the market right now. But the problem is your phone has a sentimental value for you. Although it is very tempting to buy a new one, replacing the back glass of your unit is many ways cheaper than buying a new one.

In every smartphone, the glass-backed phones are more fragile than their plastic or metal counterparts. This is because the glass is more slippery than the metal or plastic. It is very prone to sliding off from your hands. And ends up shattered and cracked.

You need professional help when replacing the front glass of your Samsung phone. But if the back glass is the one damaged, you can fix it on your own. But keep in mind that any-kind of self-repair may affect the water-resistance of your phone.

Back Glass Replacement: The Preparation

Before replacing your back glass, you need to prepare all the things that you are going to choose. You need a new back glass cover. Looking for a back glass in a store can be tiring and bothersome. And most of the time, you have to go store after for this. It is best to look for it online. Here at CELL4LESS, we have a wide collection of smartphone parts. When you need a screen, battery, housing, back glass, S-pen, charger, housing, or camera replacement- we have it all.

When buying a back glass replacement, make sure to choose one with adhesive pre-applied. If not, you will have to do this yourself and it is something that you wouldn’t want to deal with.

At CELL4LESS, our back glass replacement kit for the Samsung Galaxy includes a removal tool, pre-installed adhesive, and camera lens for quick and easy installation. It has small screwdrivers, a suction cup, and some plastic pry tools.

In this replacement task, you need to have a heat gun, if there is no available, a hairdryer will work just fine.

Back Glass Replacement: Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Using the heat gun, apply the heat around the edges of your Samsung phone. This will soften the existing adhesive on your phone. You should focus first on one area before going to another.

Step 2: Using a pry tool or suction cup, you can start working the back away from the phone, one edge at a time.

Step 3: The broken back glass will not be removed in one go, so be patient with this. Get a small area to separate, little by little until you removed them all.

Step 4: If you have finished doing the edge part, you can insert and use something stiff to keep the damage back settling back on the phone.

Step 5: You can repeat the steps 1-4 until you completely separated all the damage back glass from the phone. Just be careful not to damage anything inside your Samsung Galaxy unit.

Also, make sure that you have removed all the adhesive from your phone. Before you move on, check any colored film that came away from the phone. If there is any, remove it before going to another step.

Rebuilding Your Samsung Galaxy

This is the easiest part of replacing your phone’s back glass because the new back glass already has an adhesive applied. all you have to do is stick everything back to its proper place. But keep in mind that, your back cover is made of glass, so pressing it too have can break it. So be gentle.

Step 1: First, you need to attach the housing and camera lens to the new back glass. Make sure that you press it down gently and it is tightly sealed.

Step 2: Next, you need to wipe down the inside surface of the back glass to ensure that you have removed any dust or grease before it goes down on the phone.

Step 3: Then, remove the plastic from the adhesive around the edges of the new back glass. After doing this, line up the back on the phone. Then, gently place it down firmly around the edges only. Be careful in pressing down.

After this, just peel off all the protective plastic outside of your new back glass. It is recommended to rub around the edges of your new Samsung back glass with a microfiber cloth. This will ensure that there are no traces of adhesive anymore.

Back Glass Replacement: Be Careful

You are aware that opening the back of your phone may void a manufacturer’s warranty. So before doing so, please check warranty dates and/or phone manufacturers. Here at CELL4LESS, we are not to be held responsible for any damages or voided warranties to the phone due to the use of our products or failed installations by customers. It is still recommended to consult with a repair specialist to replace your back glass.

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