Types of sleepwear for women in India

Different Types of sleepwear for women in India
Types of sleepwear for women in India

The tropical temperature in India strongly demands sleepwear that is soft, breathable, and fuss-free. But, there are occasions when you’ll need something more than a regular pair of jammies! So, here we provide 6 different types of nightwear for the women of our country to feel cozy, comfortable, and charming all at once.

1. Pyjamas

Different Types Of Pyjamas
Types of Pyjamas

With a proud Indian origin, PJs are the most opted ladies’ sleepwear around the globe. Pjs are basically a pair of loose-fitting trousers that come with a draw-string at the waist. You can easily pair it with a t-shirt of your choice or a trendy tank-top. This casual nightwear is an absolute delight no matter what the season is. Though cotton is the most preferred fabric, jammies are available in a variety of fabrics such as flannel, satin, silk, etc. A sleepwear that speaks comfort in every thread, Pyjamas are the trendiest lounge-time favorite you’ll ever come across.

2. Shorts Set

Be it a lazy day at home or a summer party with your girl gang, shorts are the funkiest pieces of clothing that deserve a place in every woman’s closet. Regular shorts extend till mid-thigh and are casual in appeal. Today, short sets come in a palette of colors and prints to make your days chirpier than ever. 

3. Babydoll

Babydoll Dress Collection
Babydoll Dress Collection

Heading for a honeymoon vacation? There is no way your regular nightdresses could do any justice to an occasion as special as this one. Babydolls are the sexiest types of nightdresses to spice up your evenings. These sensual pieces of nightwear come in lace, mesh, satin, silk, etc. You can also choose among halternecks, robes, spaghettis, and many other hot styles available in the market. All thanks to the sensuality a babydoll oozes; it is a nightwear every woman should have in her bridal trunk.

4. Camisole

A form-fitting undergarment that extends till the waist, camisoles can also be your practical night-time partners. If you are looking for something different from your regular nightwear, camisoles are the trendiest choice. Cotton, nylon, and polyamide are some of the fabrics you can choose from. Camisoles are easy slip-on you can pair with any bottom wear of your choice for a breezy nap time. 

5. Nightgown

Tired of your same old jammies? Opt for nightgowns instead! A lazy number that extends till the knee, nightgowns are absolutely light and breathable. They smoothly slide on your skin without chafing. A nightgown is also one of the best sleepwear for women who have undergone surgeries or those who are uncomfortable in 2-piece sleepwear. 

6. Capris Set

The usage of capri pants date back to 1948 and has been popular ever since. Unlike pyjamas, these pants are close-fitting and take the shape of your legs. While they were mostly worn as outerwear, capri pants slowly started making their way into the nightwear section. If you are looking for a sleepwear that is smart, trendy, and uberly fun, make sure you pick a pair of capris pants and sway in style. 

The market is flooded with different types of nightwear for women. Yet, we often stick with the same old outfit that has been washed and rewashed a million times. Times are changing and choosing sleepwear that is fun does a lot of good for your mood. So, make it a point to browse through the best nightwear brands in India and pick the one that is a joy to wear.




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