Must Read: Salon Chairs Buying Tips

If you have a salon or want to start one, you must already know how important it is to have good salon chairs. Salon chair one of the essential equipment that is commonly underrated. These have to be durable enough, along with being comfortable. Here are a few tips to go through before buying salon chairs.


Providing utmost comfort to your client must be your priority and one of the most crucial factors to be kept in mind when buying salon chairs. Your client might have to spend a lot of time in the chair, so it is imperative to get a chair with excellent lumbar support. High-density cushions are also important. Finally, make sure the chair is wide enough to be welcoming for clientele of all sizes. A salon is a place where clients come to relax, so creating a comfortable space is mandatory.


A good salon owner cares not only for its customers but also for its employees. The regular job of a stylist is daunting. Their comfort is necessary, as well. So, make sure the chairs have a hydraulic lift and can be easily locked at a height required by the stylist. Also, it is recommended to get a reclining chair so the stylists can work to their most exceptional ability.


Quality is an aspect that should not be compromised in this regard. There are many high-quality salon chairs within your budget. It is recommended to purchase from recognised quality brands. Good quality chairs are obviously more expensive but are a substantial long term investment. It prevents you from having to replace your chairs frequently and saves on money in the future.


Salon chairs get the worse end of all styling products, so get a material which is easy to clean, like vinyl. For the metal portions, chrome is durable and looks fancy, and its powder coating hides scratches and general wear and tear. Also, watch out for base options- standard round, flat round, flat square and Italian base all have their pros and cons, so get the ones which best suit your work and other factors.


Having to tediously clean salon furniture after every use can be a hassle. So make sure to get chairs which are easy to clean. Fabrics and leather are hard to maintain and thus will cost more, whereas high-quality vinyl is long-lasting and easy to maintain. Also, make sure to clean not only the chair but also the chrome base and the entire station.


Before purchasing, make sure to check if they have a warranty. Lack of warranty shows the material is terrible and the product not durable enough. Good quality products will have a six month to 1-year warranty. Also, make sure there is a dedicated customer service team available for assistance.

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