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Latest tools for seamless Android app development

With Mobile applications transforming business models, new technologies are budding up with each passing day to ensure effective mobile application development. The journey of Android app development stared in 2008 and has a market share of approximately 85% to date. The reason behind this growth is the opportunity provided by android apps to improve a brand’s outreach. Further, with its potential of solving accessibility woes having a dedicated android app can be a definite tool for your business’s success.

However, when android app development started, creating an android application was a troublesome task. As with java as its core language, writing long codes and using an old school method for developing modern interactive apps made it troublesome for developers. However, to make things easier and cater to consumer expectations, new technologies have been sprouting up to make android app development more advanced, interactive and easier.

Latest tools for efficient app development

With the increase in demand for android apps, new technologies have stormed the market for aiding developers to deliver efficient Android app development services. With the help of these new-gen technologies, one can create unique, feature-rich, and attractive apps in the blink of an eye. Here’s a list of few unique tools that can aid in creating unique apps in the blink of an eye:

Multiplatform development

The scope of multiplatform development can aid businesses in saving up a lot of time and effort. As such platforms can aid developers in creating codes that run on multiple platforms with ease. One of the major benefits of such language is that with these the bridge between android and IOS development has narrowed down dramatically. Technologies such as React Native and Xamarin has empowered developers to create a quick and easy application that would run on both ios devices and android. Hence, making it easy for businesses to create android apps while saving time, effort and money.

Artificial intelligence

AI is another boon of technology that can be used to create unique applications. With AI one can create smarter applications with unique features in it. Moreover, AI can skyrocket the functionality of android applications with ease. For example, AI can make your application more secure by using face recognition. With AI you can add a number of automated features in your app with ease. Hence, using AI can be a great way to make your application unique, secure, and interactive to increase your brand’s popularity.

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a unique library created to make it easier for developers to create android apps. The library of Android Jetpack enables developers to write fewer codes for inducing functionality instead of creating heavy boilerplate. This results in the creation of lightweight applications using Android Jetpack.

Further, Android jetpack is loaded with UI components which can aid you in creating amazing and good looking apps. Further, it also has a behavior component in them as well which can enable you to integrate your app with various services. As a result, using Android Jetpack can make your development process easier and faster with ease.

Mobile Angular UI

Mobile Angular UI is yet another unique library that can aid in creating unique mobile UI using Angular.js. With an app using Angular.js as the technology for frontend one can easily create unique and interactive mobile apps with ease. Also, using Angular will also enable the mobile to perform faster and better with ease. Hence, making this a must-use technology for creating mobile applications.


Incorporating the latest technologies can make the android app development process faster for developers. Further, it can also aid in enriching the mobile application with unique and useful features as well. Hence, embracing the tools mentioned above to create your own android app might be one of the proven ways to ensure its success.

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