How to put a stop to data loss?

For any business, its data is more precious than the money because it contains all the secrets and specialities of a trade. The loss of relevant information and details may cause significant damage to a business person.

You too have a business? Then it is significant to know that how can you play safely on the data security. Know about the methods that can create a shield around your data and can keep the threats away.

The importance of data for a business is easy to understand due to the following reasons-


  • facilitates the solution of problems
  • finds new customers
  • helps in improving customer experience
  • enhances product design
  • ensures performance measurement
  • supports decision making
  • contains important financial details like the records of debts
    for example – details of paid-off small business loans or pending debts etc.
  • gives the understanding of the market and the target consumers

Yes, the list is endless as there can be many more benefits of having the data. At the same time many types of loss may happen if you lose it. According to Forbes – 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated every day. That is really a HUGE number.

Why wait for the occurrence of any massive incident? Isn’t it better to work on safety measures and be safe beforehand?

The preventive ways –

Here are some of the effective ways to keep all the necessary statistics, figures and details about the business safe and shielded.

Give a regular back up

A small and simple good habit can ensure a significant safety for the future. Usually, the businesses miss understanding the importance of this one tiny step. Timely back up is necessary as the new things in the information bucket keep adding.

To protect the newly added information, you need to ensure the recurrence of this habit now and then. Why not fix a day in a week and give a back up to all the details. This is the basic but the most potent way to confront the chaos of data loss.

The smarter practice in this concern is the diversification. Keep 2 – 3 back-up systems and you can avoid all the stressful situations.

Encryption is essential

Code language is not penetrable. Through encryption, you can transform the data into complicate codes that are impossible to understand. With this method working as the guard, your confidential facts and figures can remain strongly sheltered. Even if someone gets access, it is not practical to understand the documents.

This should be an essential part of your security mission. Anything that can make your data access complicate should get a conspicuous place in your strategy.

Use technologies that work 24×7 and not only once in a day

There are several security tools available but do not buy those that work only at a particular time. Whatever you buy should work round-the-clock. The malicious files can enter in the system at any moment in a day. Even a second is sufficient to cause significant damage if you are not prepared for the situation.

Purchasing security tools with round-the-clock assistance can demand some financial investment, but that is worthy. Isn’t it? If your business covers a vast amount of data, then do not hesitate in buying the best quality tools. Do not worry about the money part, from the business start-up loans to the assistance for the financially established companies; options are there. The online lenders can provide you with money for any purpose in a few hours through paperless procedures.

  • Know about all the possible threats

Your preventive measures depend on the risks that can harm your data. For that, it is necessary to know about them. For sure, there are numerous threats, but those that are most frequent and strongest in their effect should get your attention.

Some of the most common are –

  • Data leakage (accidental)
  • External attackers may enter the network in the disguise of employee
  • Hackers can corrupt admin account making access to the data impossible
  • Tricky minds may connect your system to a harmful website full of viruses

    Explore the possibilities of data protection software

The software industry is the anchor of the tech-driven world. You have software for every purpose. From creating clones to making 3D pictures, everything revolves around its availability. There are many options for that, for instance – virtual private networks, cloud disaster recovery solutions, antivirus software, firewalls etc. Explore the market, and there are many out there. According to the threat and its type, you can surely get the options of the software.


The strategy should reflect the safety against danger. With a precise and clear plan to fight with the warning signs, you can easily say NO to data loss. Lost money can be earned back, but the lost data cannot be attained back. It is necessary to stay one step ahead and predict the peril. The right action taken at the right time helps you overcome the mess of data loss.

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