6 Best Services for Watching Movies and TV Show Online

Some internet cinemas are happy with free licensed movies, but you have to pay for the best content. Lifehacker options include a variety of premium services with different prices and conditions.


It’s a service from Amedia’s film industry, so you can watch your own TV series and major foreign studios: HBO, FOX, CBS, BBC Worldwide, etc. The premiere takes place almost simultaneously with the world, and the series also offers an original dubbing. Those who wish may also include subtitles.

In addition to “Game of Thrones”, “Detective Sherlock”, “Wild West World” and other favourite series, users can also enjoy various feature films and documentaries as well as world-famous concerts. All of these are available on computers, smart TVs and mobile devices.


One of the most popular online cinemas, most of which are available for free. You don’t even have to sign up to watch, just watch a few ads. You can watch videos from your computer, Smart TV or mobile device.

The service offers thousands of movies and comics, numerous TV series and TV series. The site provides detailed information on available and unseen films; new trailers appear constantly. With convenient genre navigation and instructions from relevant movies, you can quickly find the video you need. You can also create a favourites list, post comments and comments.


Online movies that include licensed movies and series from different eras. Most of the content is provided free of charge and placed in a special area of ​​the site for user convenience. Subscriptions are also provided: the largest and slightly more expensive subscription that provides the content to the smallest audience.

The service provides a convenient search system and constantly updates the thematic movie collection. The theatre is accessible through browsers on computers, media players, mobile devices and smart TVs.


This famous service provides access to thousands of movies and TV shows and hundreds of different TV channels. Many films are provided for free, but of course, they also include commercials. You can rent or buy the best crosswords at any time.

Once you’ve paid a subscription, you can watch up to 200 TV channels, including sports. In this place, there is a handy program guide to quickly find out where you are now and where you see it. There is also a system for recommending actors and movie collections by type, age or even your favourite actors. Another streaming site couchtuner also provides the same service. Some people don’t like it and for them, there are much more sites as couchtuner alternatives and for better streaming.

Google Play Movies:

The Google Store allows you to buy and rent the best works in the global film industry. Unlike iTunes, the price here is sometimes slightly lower and there are no restrictions on supported devices. All content can be used on Chrome browser computers, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones or iPads, and TVs with Android TV.

The service does not differ in terms of convenient navigation and detailed instructions, but there are still many universal search options and choices, so you can find whatever movie you need. Some movies are provided for free, but they do not appear regularly.


The content of this online cinema can be charged. You can subscribe to specific categories or entire movie genres as well as buy or rent specific movies.

If you use the service on a smart TV, some content will be delivered in Full HD 5.1 surround sound quality. In addition, some movies can be viewed in 3D format unless the TV naturally supports it. You can watch videos from your computer’s web browser, mobile device or even from the Sony PlayStation console.

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