Nintendo 3DS XL User Review

First, you need to know what Nintendo 3DS XL is. Well in short and in absolute fairness it is the best version of 3DS. It is rich in features, comfortable and very carefully designed Nintendo handheld version. Lately, the gaming world is crowded with much-developed hardware. In its times, the Nintendo 3DS has been a great choice as a handheld. But since the introduction of New Nintendo 3DS XL, the popularity has been shared among Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo Switch. If you need a console within a given budget and can hold on to slightly dated hardware, you can go for Nintendo 3DS XL.


The main reason why this system is recommended is its improved 3D effect. The visual effects don’t make your eyes sore.


The job of Nintendo 3DS:

It has two screens just like the Nintendo DS. The top screen shows you glasses-free 3D. The bottom one is a touch screen which you can stimulate by an included stylus or your finger. It has a built-in accelerator and various gyro motion controls, a microphone and front and rear cameras. The rear one takes 3D images. The system can be used as a pedometer. It can track motion and collect activity coins that can be spent in mini-games or for any other situation of bonus games. A new networking technology known as Streetpass scans for different Avatars or players even while your Nintendo 3DS is sleeping. It also collects special challenges that can be unlocked and bonuses in the game. A circle analogue pad and d-pad on the left side and four buttons on the right side control the gameplay along with two shoulder buttons on the top.

If you don’t have a Nintendo 3ds you can alternatively use a Nintendo 3ds emulator.

The 3DS has a built-in rechargeable battery. You just need to carry around the included charger of the system to charge your Nintendo 3DS whenever required.

This can be a little annoying as other brands like Sony has switched to the industry- standard micro USB charger on its latest incarnation to compete with other such brands like PlayStation Vita.


The best that you should get:

Launched into the gaming market in the early nineties, Nintendo has been consistently updating itself and adding new variant into the hardware. In 2012, it came up with a larger model version. In 2013, it was flat, plastic and was no-3D Nintendo 2DS. You can also find the best colour for the system that suits you the most. The XL has several features that make it more preferable among the users. Its screen is 90% larger than the smaller 3DS. It is sturdier and has better battery life. 3DS XL can be without a doubt called a neat version. The glassless 3D effect, which requires a certain level of patience and calmness to work on it properly, is best on 3DS XL.



Keeps your ‘head’ in the game:

The Nintendo 3DS XL has a head-tracking camera and infrared sensor just above the main screen. This amazing feature has allowed the user for ample head movement. This is very helpful when you are on a ride and playing the game. The jolting motion tends to shatter the new 3DS’ stereoscopic spell, and even then the system quickly adjusts and brings back the focus. Many games also use the system’s gyroscope for motion-based controls. These can now be played in stabilized 3D mode, no matter how exaggerated and complicated your movements are.




The Pros and Cons of Circle Pad:

Besides the improved 3D quality, The New 3DS XL has several other hardware changes. The volume adjuster is there at the left of the top screen. The start and the select buttons are shifted to the bottom on the right side. The system’s home menu houses the wifi switch. Also, the cartridge port, power button and the stylus slot have been moved at the bottom. The headphone’s port remains at the middle. Two more shoulder buttons have also been added namely ZR and ZL. There is also the C- stick which replicates the Circle pad Pro peripheral’s controls. Its asymmetric shape which doesn’t fit into your pockets is an issue when it comes to portability. The version offers more control than the previous ones. But there are also some of the compromises which should be mentioned. The catalogue games that supported the Circle Pad Pro automatically work with the extra shoulder buttons and C- stick; these added inputs do not feel as good as they used to be. C-stick which came as a replacement for the circle pad found on the original peripheral seems to be slightly inferior in performance. The C-stick is sensitive enough to provide deft Y-axis movements for camera controls and the like. The grip or the sliding movement radius of the circle pad is not quite a comfortable one.


Playing with the power:

Well if you have got that the idea that there are mainly variants in hardware, then you are partially incorrect. Nintendo has beefed up to its new systems with additional processing under the hood. It supports the use of Nintendo’s amiibo figurines via its built-in near field communication technology. If NFC communication is enabled in the handheld’s system menu, using an amiibo is as simple as placing it on the lower screen of the system when prompted in-game.


In a nutshell, the newer version is much faster than the older one. Games start up comparatively quicker. There is also a reduction in loading time even when you go to the eShop and browsing through the online store.

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