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Home Improvements to Get Ready for Summer

Doesn’t it seem that this winter was longer than usual? In any case, springtime is an indicator that summer is around the corner and that we should prepare for it. Some might look into the holiday options, while others will hit the gym to get in shape for the beach.

Just like people need to prepare for summer, so do inanimate objects like your house need to “muscle up”. The bitter cold and snowfall have made your home suffer so you should spruce it up with a home improvement or two for the upcoming sunny days. Here are some of the best home improvements that will get you in that “sipping a cocktail by the poolside” mood.

(Re)doing the deck

The deck or the patios of the house is where all the social interaction takes place in summer. The sitting area is located here and you might have a barbecue grill as well sitting on the deck. However, most decks are made from wood so they have surely taken a beating past winter.

Start by inspecting the floorboards and replace the ones that are broken or cracked. This is fairly easy as you get timber from the local DIY store and then screw the new floorboards in place using a power tool. If the paint from, the deck is starting to peel off, add a new coat of waterproof paint to prepare the patio for rainfall. 

Spruce up the kitchen a bit

Remodeling the kitchen is among the most expensive home improvements but you don’t want to revamp the whole room. In order to prepare the kitchen for summer garden parties, a new color of the walls is more than enough.

Opt for a bright (but not too bright or tacky) shade of green, yellow or even orange. Furthermore, think about which fixtures inside the kitchen can be taken outside, such as the aforementioned grill or even a provisional sink if you have an outdoor water tap. You want to make it possible to prepare food outside as well.

Update the gates and fences

During the bleak autumn days, no one if is going to take notice of the state your fence and gates are in. However, any people arriving at a backyard party in summer, yourself included, are going to take notice of paint chipping off or a gate that dropped from its hinges.

Start updating the fencing by repairing the gates and replacing missing or damaged pickets. Once you’re done with this, choose a bright color to repaint the fence. This can keep you busy the entire Sunday afternoon so plan for this improvement in advance.

Again, choose a bright color, such as white or light brown. Once the fences and the entryways are spruced up, your property will significantly gain in market value and you’ll benefit from improved home security.

Build a sports field

Summertime is associated with spending time outdoors and playing sports. Make this summer different from the previous ones by building a backyard sports field. The exact field you decide depends on the size of your backyard but tennis courts, basketball courts, and mini-golf courses are ammo the most popular venues.

This investment will make a dent in your home budget but if you equip the filed the right way, the property’s value will skyrocket. Apart from choosing the right surface, especially important for tennis courts, you’ll need to fence off the court, do a bit of landscaping around the venue, and install LED sports field lighting to be able to play at night. If you complete these steps successfully, expect the neighbors to ask permission to use your backyard sports field.

Pressure wash the outdoor space

The moisture the air was high during the previous couple of months, which are the ideal conditions for mold and fungi to appear. This does happen only indoors on the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles as you might expect but outside as well.

You cannot enjoy the garden if there is mold on the deck and on pathways so engage in some pressure washing to clean your outdoor space. There isn’t a section of your property outside that cannot be pressure washes, from the driveway, across exterior walls, all the way to the roof. If you’re uncertain that you’ll do a good job yourself, you can always hire professionals to do the pressure washing for you.

Add a water feature

Children are looking forward to summertime the most because they get to go to the seaside or the pool. Instead of paying an entry fee every time you take them a water park, install a water feature in your backyard. This doesn’t have to be an Olympic-size swimming pool, as an inflatable garden pool will do the job.

If you want to the extra length, then build a splash pad that is ideal for cooling down during those hot days in August. Finally, if you lack sufficient funds, a water fountain is also a neat “summery” water feature for your backyard, as the sound of running water will ease your nerves.

The home improvements we have listed above are just some of the projects you can execute this summer. Once you build a basketball court or repaint the deck, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing out on all these years when you let summertime catch your off-guard.

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