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Food Ordering Platform and social media for Foodies – Foodgram


Online food ordering platform is an E-commerce based service and the aim of e-commerce service is to save both time and money for its consumers and users by bringing the services closer to them. An online marketplace provides an opportunity for the buyers and sellers to enjoy their desired services without the hassle of visiting any physical stores or restaurants.

The online food ordering platform and delivery system are not much popular in our country though now a day’s consumer’s perception is changing. Online food delivery service helps people to save their valuable time and effort to pick up the food from outside. Foodgram is a full set up apps also known as a social media platform for foodies where all restaurant’s food menu is synchronized online and customers can easily place the order as per their requirement. Moreover, the consumer can easily track the orders as well as their past order which they placed from Foodgram. The IT department maintains a customer database and working on improving the food delivery service. As a developing country, Bangladesh has a lot of potentials to grow in different fields and e-commerce is one of those sectors. Although the e-commerce sector is fairly new as it is believed to have emerged in the last 90s, the trend is quickly catching on (Hassan, 2014). Moreover, the ICT ministry of Bangladesh taking the various initiatives to boost up the E-commerce field of Bangladesh. ICT ministry arranging funds for the IT-based organizations and they decreased the internet cost and cut off the taxes for IT and E-commerce based organizations. In this current Food Ordering platform market, Foodgram has become one of the most popular and leading online food delivery service as well as a social media platform for foodies of Bangladesh. Foodgram started its operation in 2019 and since then the company has grown a lot.

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