Chicken Biryani For The Modern Soul

Every household sears by Sunday biryani. Whether you are on a strict diet or you do not like rice, you will never say no to a plateful of biryani. The golden dum 9slow cooked) dish has come a long way from being a delicacy served only to royalty to becoming a household necessity. Every region has something added to their version of the chicken biryani to make the dish a signature of their culture. A comfort food in every bite, you are never satisfied with just a couple of servings. In fact, you can say that Indians have another special place in their stomach for biryani. But, the history of this dish makes up for a fascinating read.

Evolution of the chicken biryani recipe

While Islamic invaders brought this dish from their Central Asia homeland, it was soon learnt that they have taken Indian spices and pulao to create this unique spicy yet subtle dish with meat as the highlight. Cooking is a science and an art and the evolution of the chicken biryani recipe has proven the truth behind this statement.

Another theory states that medieval Indian soldiers relied on the biryani cooking technique of mixing rice, meat, and spices and letting the food roast over slow heat. This took care of their dietary requirements in the time of war and also served to be tasty. But, keeping all theories aside, the evolution of the biryani incorporating regional specialty spices makes this the most versatile dish that ever came to India.

While every region has their own take, there are 4 popular versions that rule the culinary charts:

  • Hyderabadi Biryani – while many believe that kitchen of the Hyderabad Nizam’s is the actual birthplace of this authentic dish, the dish has taken a different twist. They have the raw version where the meat is marinated and then placed between rice layers. The whole dish is then cooked together.

  • Lucknowi/Awadhi Biryani – this biryani uses the bum pukht technique where the meat is marinated and cooked partially. The rice too is cooked with saffron and anise. Then both are layered in a handi and allowed to cook over slow heat.

  • Calcutta Biryani – arguably the most preferred chicken biryani, the recipe gained popularity because of the addition of potatoes in the dish. The potatoes drastically changed the taste of the biryani making it richer and at the same time subtler.

  • Thalassery Biryani – originating from Malabar, the only biryani which has a sweet taste along with its spiciness. You will find cashews and friend onions in every bite.

No matter what taste we prefer or region we hail from, we all have made some alterations to the Mughlai chicken biryani recipe to suit our taste buds. Yet, the core idea of mixing everything and letting it cook for a few hours remains the same. After all Sunday is a day to relax and what better way than anticipating a scrumptious dish after a morning of laughter.

Author bio : Being a fan of chicken, the author who is an engineer loves to play around with different chicken biryani recipe to spice up her life.

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