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How To Turn Your Home Into An Office In The Time Of Social Distancing

Many people across the world are already familiar with the concept of working from home. Freelancers, stay-at-home-moms, writers, designers, and other people are familiar with the concept. The number of people working from home has risen recently due to a coronavirus outbreak. Turning your home into an office isn’t difficult and these tips will make the transition a lot easier. 

Clearly define the office space

First, you need to designate your office space. This area or an entire room will just be the office from that point on. Don’t just scoot from one chair to the other and change your working area daily. The main point is to create the same routine you had before you started working from home. Each day you wake up, get dressed and go to the office. Working from home must be viewed in the same way if you wish to achieve optimum productivity. Clearly define your office space. Pick a room or a corner of the room. Make sure your home office is separated from your living area so you’ll have somewhere to go once you finish your work. Even if your living area is just ten steps away, it’ll make the difference.

Home office essentials

This impromptu change requires some creativity, as well. In case you don’t have a regular office desk, you need to make the most of the things you already have. You can transform your dressing table into a desk. If you have kids, you can borrow their table and ask your kids to work on the dining table. Alternatively, you can use your dining table and work from your dining room. Make sure you choose the table or a chair that suits your height and that ensures you have the right posture. Pick a chair that is both comfortable and supportive to your posture. Try out all the chairs you own, and stick to the one that is the most comfortable for working long hours.

Give your home office some character

Now, don’t just place your laptop and your planner on a table and start your work. Give your office some character and an office personality. Try to give it a theme by hanging wallpaper or a piece of art. Create a space you feel comfortable in by adding some items that make you feel serene and happy. Pick one coffee mug, place it on your desk and use it to drink your daily coffee just like you did at the office. Eliminate those things that make it hard to focus during your work. Once social distancing is over, you can return that object back to its place.

Limit distractions

Working from home has both pros and cons. Distractions happen everywhere, but now you need to learn how to deal with home distractions. Whether they are your family members, pets or people calling to check up on you, you need to deal with them. The first tip is to position yourself away from them. Face the wall if you must and turn your back to them. If you can, turn an entire room into your home office so that you can close your door on the. 

If your home office is facing the window, you need to stop yourself from gazing constantly outside. Change your window treatments to sheer honeycomb blinds so that you’ll still obtain natural light and distract yourself from constantly gazing outside. If you’re lucky enough to have a killer view, let it inspire you while you work. But, when you need some privacy, feel free to block your view so that you can go straight to work.

Soundproof your office

Even when you work from a regular office, you can’t expect your colleagues to keep still, quiet, not to laugh or ask someone a work-related question. It is you who has to adapt to working in certain conditions. You can’t expect everyone’s behavior to change to your liking. So, stick to wearing noise-canceling headphones even while you work from home. Don’t let your family members distract you while you work. Just let them be and play your favorite work music and tackle your daily work assignments in style.


The main goal is to create a space that works for you and fosters your productivity. If you must, write down your office hours on a piece of paper and tape it on the door. This way you’ll let your family know your working hours and they’ll try their best to not disturb you. Take regular breaks even during your home office hours in order to stay sane and focused.

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