What Makes Audemars Piguet Watches The Best In The Business?

Audemars Piguet is a well-known brand that not only makes the Swiss luxury watchmaking world a better place but even the global luxury watchmaking business a worthy industry. The watch brand has been there for quite some time now and it is safe to say that its sheer dominance in the industry is quite clear. It has done it all, seen it all, experienced it all, and is still doing it like a pro. The watchmaker has many watches in the market that are proof of its excellence and meticulousness in sublime art of watchmaking.

As a matter of fact, Audemars Piguet is one of the few true to the heart purists when it comes to Haute Horlogerie. This means that since the very beginning, the brand has been conducting every operation in-house. Be it movement manufacturing, component manufacturing, procurement, every single thing has been done in-house since the very first day. This surely adds value to the brand’s image and credibility to its watches.

There is a reason why people revere its watches all over the world. They are also envied by the brand’s competitors. Well, why is that so? This seems like a pretty good opportunity to explore that realm of questions and find out why this watch brand is so loved by enthusiasts all over the world.

An Icon? Why?

The brand is an absolute icon in the luxury watchmaking industry. But did you know that its watches are icons too? The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak was the first steel sports watch in the world and while doing that it created a whole new genre by itself. Before the advent of the Royal Oak, the use of steel in sports watches was not a common trend. Today, steel sports watches can be seen almost everywhere. Following up the success of the Oak, the Royal Oak Offshore did the same thing in 1993 when it bombarded the luxury sports watch segment with all its glory and grandiose.


Audemars Piguet has always been known for its perfection and that can easily be seen in its watches. Timepieces such as the Royal Oak and Code 11.59 are great examples of what the brand is truly capable of. The horologist does a fantastic job in every aspect be it manufacturing, post manufacturing procedures, or marketing. The Audemars Piguet ladies Millenary is a great example of this.

A Legend

Audemars Piguet, like many others during the Quartz Crisis, could have forfeited and gone home packing. The brand was almost at the brink of extinction and bankruptcy. The business, however, took major steps to bring back the life into the brand. They hired the best there was, Gerald Genta, who eventually created the Royal Oak.


It is pretty clear now why Audemars Piguet is such a major player in the Haute Horlogerie game and why its reputation is irrefutable.

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