7 Fantastic Landscaping Ideas to Make Your Yard Stand Out

Landscaping is an incredibly rewarding hobby. It gives you a chance to get creative and to decorate your yard to make it more pleasant to be in. And what’s also great, it can increase the value of your property in case you ever decide to sell it.

If you want your next landscaping project to be mesmerizing, these ideas will help your yard stand out.

1. A Low Fence

A low fence in front of your yard isn’t there to cover the house. Instead, it will make your house look like it’s further away from the street than it really is. You can use numerous materials for it, including bricks or white wood. You can decorate it with lovely flowers and plants to add a statement. It would be a much better solution than adding a full-sized fence. The fence posts can also be great starting places for twisting vines.

2. Stone Elements

Landscaping always includes natural elements that make us feel we’re connected to nature. Stone is a great material to go with here, especially because it’s diverse in ways you can use it.

For example, you can create a stone pathway that will swirl through your lush garden or lead you to one area to another (connecting the sitting area with the house or the pool). Sandstone planters are a wonderful addition to any deck, patio or the front walkway. They go well with every landscape design because they give it an earthly feel.

3. Grouping Plants

You will create a greater impact if you group together flowers or foliage of the same colour. In a way, you are creating a theme based on the same colour, which is a simple and neat trick. Take a step back and look closely at the flowers – is there a way to rearrange them for an even stronger effect? Maybe creating a group of 5 or six flower plants of the same colour in a huge container will create a greater effect than adding one bigger flower.

Another way to creatively group plants or blooms is to use an old bathtub for a planter. Paint it in blue and place it under a dwarf tree, then fill it with flowers of the same kind that come in a contrasting colour. It will make a wonderful, eye-catching effect.

Repetition is another neat design trick in landscaping. You can plant red geraniums in several pots and then place them on the stairs against a stone wall – you’ll create a wonderful focal point. A similar effect can be made along the edge of a garden bed using a border plant. Alternatively, you can put the shape and colour of the container into focus by planting repeated plants in them. Grey, white, or silver work well with most colours so choose those colours for the containers.

4. Multi-functional Plants

Herbs are multi-functional plants because they not only provide a lovely visual effect but the are also used as fresh ingredients in the kitchen and give away wonderful smell throughout the garden. If you opt for adding herbs to your landscape design, choose lemon thyme, curly leafed parsley, and Greek basil. You can make a great mix if you combine them with violets, marigolds, and tatsoi, as you will get a lot from it – texture, colours, beauty, flavour, and fragrance. Herbs look best if you plant them in terracotta pots.

As with all the other plants and flowers, make sure you use appropriate equipment when you attend to them. Gardening scissors and practical gardening gloves are a must if you want to have your plants under control to create great landscaping.

5. Adding Steps

Steps are a great way to add some layers to the landscape. You can pour concrete steps or use bricks for the walkway – it’s a nice touch to have a brick path that leads you from the street to the entrance. Plus, it adds to the curb appeal. As a bonus, you can line the walkways with low-growing plants to highlight the path more while the concrete steps can be decorated with interesting potted plants.

6. A Water Feature

Landscaping design gets much better if you add a water feature to it. That feature can easily become a focal point. There are many options here – a birdbath, a fountain, or something bigger like a pond or a pool. A water feature is always a good investment because it can boost the property value and it can help the plants if you live in an area with limited water. If you place drought-resistant plants around your water feature, it will allow them constant access to water, which will further highlight the landscape.

7. Lighting Tricks

It would be a shame for your landscape to be visible only in the daytime. There are great outdoor lighting solutions you can use to make sure the landscape provides a beautiful sight even in the evenings. Actually, lighting is one of the essential parts of landscaping design because not only does it highlights the beauty of the design but it also provides safety for your family and guests. Lighting up the walkways would be the first thing you should do to make your garden stand out and to make access to your home easier. Adding a few solar lights around the garden beds will create a magical effect.

In Conclusion

Of course, not each one of these fantastic landscaping ideas can work for your home. Choose the ones that would create the best effect and make your yard stand out in the best possible way.

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