4 tips for freelance website developer

The beauty of freelancing is that you go global as soon as you put your services online. As fascinating as that may sound, it also means that you’re amidst stiff competition. So how do you survive that? How you can stand out from the crowd when you’re either just starting out or want to expand your reach as an internationally known and respected freelancer? Whatever your final goal is, these tips will definitely help you not only survive, but thrive.

  • Niche down:

Freelance niche
Put yourself in your client’s shoes for a while. Say you want to hire a web developer to create your website. You’ll go and hire someone who markets themselves as versatile enough to tackle all the challenges and deliver the project on time. You’ll opt that person because you know that person is an expert in your specific area of need.

  • Invest in customer retention:

freelance customer retentionStudies have shown that you can increase your profits by up to 95 percent just by increasing customer retention by 5 percent. So don’t ever treat your client like a one-off. Might be possible, they can wind up hiring you again or giving you a good referral. Keeping in touch with satisfied customers gives you an edge. Though as effective as customer retention is, don’t let yourself be pestered into working for someone you didn’t have a positive experience with.

  • Promote yourself:

Freelance promote yourself onlineJust because you keep in contact with your former clients doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t expand your base. No matter how well-known a freelancer you are, you must never stop promoting to your target audience. That can come in so many different forms. For instance, you can search for companies in your niche and cold email them, or simply be active on social media and build a brand around your service. It can take several exposures before a customer decides to buy from you, so whichever method you choose, apply it consistently to get the best results.

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