What happened if parents can spy WhatsApp of their kids?

WhatsApp is a useful social media app that has brought us closer together to each other. But parents are curious about their kid’s secret activities on WhatsApp. But why parents want to know this. Because online crime ratio has been increased in which predators mostly targeted kids through social media.

Whatsapp spy apps help parents to prevent their kids from stalkers and predators and save their future as well. Parents can find mental peace and relief from tensions by spying on their kids every activity in real-time.

TheOneSpy is the popular spying software that provides true digital parenting tools with which parents can be remotely and hiddenly monitor their kids. Parents can prevent kids from joining a bad company or from doing inappropriate activities. Let’s look deeply at TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy app and its uses.

TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy App

TheOneSpy phone spy app is basically surveillance software that provides different apps to spy on different activities performed by the targeted person. People prefer TOS over other software because it gives priority to a user’s privacy and a guarantee of quality results. Its results are much more accurate and reliable that a user can blindly rely on them and can act confidently.

TOS WhatsApp spy app serves users in 4 different ways. TOS gives choices to different users to use any app according to their comfort. Here we will discuss every WhatsApp app of TOS separately.

  • WhatsApp Keystroke App

If a user wants to check every key typed by a targeted person on their WhatsApp, so it’s only possible with this amazing Keystroke feature. WhatsApp keystroke only works on targeted WhatsApp and empowers the user to know secret passwords or usernames used by the targeted person.

  • WhatsApp Chat Spy App

As the name of the app shows that it is specifically made to spy on targeted WhatsApp conversations. Users can check who sends the message and to whom their person sends the message. Similarly, a user can also monitor voice messages, shared multimedia files, and contact numbers as well. Besides that, the user can get a history of any WhatsApp chat with exact time stamps.


  • WhatsApp Voice Spy App

It enables a person to listen to all sent and received voice messages on targeted WhatsApp. User can listen to voice calls and shared audio files as well. It helps a user to listen to all voice conversations and monitor if any inappropriate or harmful activity is going on. So, the user can take action before things affect their loved ones.

  • WhatsApp Screen Recorder

TOS also facilitates working/busy people who cannot monitor their loved ones live WhatsApp activities. TOS allows them to set a recording option. So whenever a targeted person will go online, TOS will automatically start recording their WhatsApp activities by making a 1- minute short back-to-back videos. Users can detect all conversations at a time and can also get recording history to monitor their loved ones weekly, monthly or yearly activities.

How is TOS WhatsApp Spy Apps Help Parents?

If you pick any smartphone, you will see WhatsApp in it. Parents want to track their kids to prevent them from doing any inappropriate activity.

  • If anyone tries to threaten or bully kids on WhatsApp, so parents can prevent their kids from predators before time.
  • TOS also helps parents to detect their kid’s secret friends and can track monitor their chats all the time.
  • Sometimes a kid joins useless/ time-wasting groups where people share violent or sexual based material. So, TOS helps parents monitor their kids’ joined groups on WhatsApp.
  • If a person is continuously disturbing a kid, so the kid is not well aware of what to do. So, parents can remotely block such people who disturb their kids.
  • When a kid joins a bad company, they indulge in drugs or wrong activities. Parents can catch their kids on time and can prevent them from doing wrong deeds.
  • Parents can also record their kids WhatsApp activities when they are busy.


It turns out that TOS provides an outstanding features-based WhatsApp spy app that works reliably and efficiently. Parents don’t need to worry anymore about their kid’s secret activities on their WhatsApp. They can track all activities of targeted WhatsApp in real-time.


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