Different Types Of Clouds In Salesforce

Salesforce provides its users with an array of services that help them in making sense of the vast and complicated customer database. With the help of Salesforce, your sales team can store and track important customer information in the form of Salesforce Objects. Salesforce also automated most of the sales-related processes, saving considerable time and efforts the sales representatives would otherwise put in undertaking these activities.

The services provided by the platform of Salesforce are considerably large in number and very specific in nature. This has led to these offerings being grouped in the form of different Salesforce Clouds. Each of these Clouds is designed to provide services pertaining to a specific nature and catering to a specific area of business.

Here are some of the major types of Clouds in Salesforce you can subscribe to based on the requirements of your business organisation:

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud can rightfully be called the backbone of Salesforce. It is the platform that helps Salesforce users in converting sales leads, closing important deals and providing personalised services to the customers according to their specific requirements. Using Sales Cloud, you can also obtain productive business analytics that provides you with sufficient insights about your sales team in particular and your business in general.

If you choose to subscribe to SFDC Sales Cloud, you can be certain of the fact that your sales representatives will be more productive after Salesforce development. Moreover, this platform is also equipped for efficient AI components that help the users in predicting the behaviour of your customers and undertake valid sales forecasting.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

As the name suggests, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is the platform that takes care of all financial aspect of handling business CRM. It is designed to provide business and process automation to organisations functioning in the sectors of banking, insurance, wealth management, institutional banking and other similar finance-oriented sectors. With suitable advice from your Salesforce Consultant, you can implement this Salesforce Cloud to use your CRM data for providing efficient financial services to your customers/clients.

Salesforce Service Cloud

This is the Salesforce Cloud especially designed for organisations operating in the service sector. The services offered by these organisations are more dynamic as there is less homogeneity and majority of the times, the end customers are in direct contact with the service providers. With the help of Salesforce Service Cloud, you can automate the important business processes that help you in gathering relevant information about your customers and using the same to provide personalised services to them. Using this platform, you can build healthy and lasting relationships with your customers, building a loyal base for your organisation.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud aims at providing users with a holistic approach with marketing. Using this platform, you can track the activities of your current and prospective customers with your business, ascertain their likes, dislikes, interests and preferences, storing these details into your database and using these details in approaching them with the most appropriate communication channel. This platform also allows you to chart out highly customisable and robust marketing campaigns directed to serve the specific needs of your customers.

Salesforce App Cloud

Owing to the increasing need for work flexibility, more and more businesses are getting seamless mobile customisations for their software platforms. Salesforce App Cloud is the platform you can use to develop and configure efficient mobile applications for your business organisation. By defining the specific business needs and requirements, you can choose to create a mobile version of an existing software product or get a new one made from scratch.

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