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Giving your outdoor space a touch of Modern- 5 must do’s

Imagine waking up on a warm Sunday morning and enjoying a cup of tea or coffee in the cozy area of your backyard. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?  But before you wake up to such an idealistic scene, you must take the matter into your hands.

Let’s face it, nobody would like to relax in an untidy yard sitting in uncomfortable plastic lawn chairs. That’s why you need to give your outdoor space a modern touch and transform it into a place of your dreams. Here are 5 ideas you should consider applying to your yard. 

1. Seating area

There is no purposeful patio without a carefully planned seating area. Depending on how large and spacious your yard or patio is, organizing a seating area is essential. 

For smaller spaces, a set of a love seat and two comfy chairs is ideal for friends or family gatherings. Complement the arrangement with a centerpiece table and decoration such as cushions and candles for a romantic summer night. Larger areas are ideal for bigger gatherings. Make a seating corner by adding two, or more, upholstered benches and a larger table. For an additional chic look, bring a rug outside. Besides being comfortable, a rug is a luxurious option that can withstand different weather elements while pleasing the eye. 

2. Open-air kitchen

Sitting amongst cushions in your seating area without a drink in your hand or plate of food on your lap leaves you feeling unfulfilled, literally. Besides that, who has the energy and time to constantly go inside the house for refills? In addition to that, you don’t want to leave your guests hanging by themselves while you prepare the food. 

Take into consideration all that, you have no choice but to get an open-air kitchen. It’s modern, handy, and very practical. Even though this may seem like an expensive option, it doesn’t have to be. You can build an outdoor kitchen yourself and impress your friends and family with your handiness. 

3. Get an open roof

There is nothing attractive about getting sunburnt on a scorching hot summer day. The vacation could be your only opportunity to spend some quality time outdoors with friends and family. However, nobody likes to sit all day fully exposed to harmful sun rays.

You could get sunshade; however, it may not be large enough to cover the whole seating area. So, getting an open roof might be the best solution. Even though a lot of premade designs exist, installing a unique pergola roof allows you to exactly match the design with your house aesthetic. No matter what is the style of your choice, pergola exudes warmth, while giving your open space a completely new look.  

4. Add details 

Details and decorations are key to an interesting design. There is nothing exciting about a bland table and chairs. However, if you add colorful seating cushions, classy tablecloth, and some nice candles, you then have a wonderful outdoor space.

To spice up your yard design, consider adding lighting. High-end spotlights aren’t necessary or desirable. On the contrary, string lights are affordable plus they give your outdoor space a special boho touch.  In addition to that, adding water installations can liven up the landscape. Water fountains or walls don’t have to be huge or pricey. Patio fountain or bubbling urn are amazing low-maintenance options that you can install by yourself.  

5. Reuse old materials

Believe it or not, vintage is back in style. While the ecology is getting more popular each year, people are trying to become more eco-conscious and reduce their carbon footprint. So, don’t be surprised that decoration made out of recycled or reused material is an absolute hit!

Who said that the rustic look can’t be refreshing? In the abundance of same-looking houses, don’t be afraid to give your outdoor space a character. Even something simple like old an old, rusty cooking pot, painted in vibrant colors can give your yard or terrace a completely new and unique look. Hang it on the wall and plant some flowers in it for additional charm.


Everyone likes to relax in a nicely arranged outdoor place. However, landscaping sometimes requires a certain amount of time to be done right. But you don’t need to invest large amounts of money in the exterior design to have a modern outdoor space. Even simple details like hanging string lights can improve the look of your yard by a mile. The most important thing is to enjoy your outdoor space no matter how large or small it may be.  

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