Understanding of Biopsychology from the Perspective of Psychology.

Bio psychological is one of the psychological perspective that analyses how the brain, neurological transmitters and nervous system influence the behaviour, action and thoughts of a human being. Biopsychology is also known as behavioural neuroscience as it relates to neuropsychology, biological psychology or psychobiology. It is the study of genetic, psychological and developmental mechanisms about humans behaviour through the application of biology.

The person  who studies or practice the biopsychology is known as Bio psychologists. They study about biological factors that how they work with mental processes, cognition and emotions. If you suffer from the problem of biopsychology you must consult Psychiatrist in Gurgaon for better treatment and care. Whether the brain functions normally or abnormally, or it is poorly developed or injured, bio psychologist studies about their functional process.

Let us have an overview on Biopsychology.

According to the American Psychology Association, biopsychology approach believes genetics and physiology are the main element  that  influence the human behaviours. Biological psychology studies the thoughts and behaviours of a human being through a physical point of view and it is the only psychology branch that studies so.

Comparative methods and evolutionary methods are used by the biological perspective that contributes towards psychology. Comparative methods are best as it gives bio psychologists various ideas about human behaviours and their thoughts and actions and it becomes easy to understand them. This helps in understanding the working function of brain and nervous system.

Various Research Techniques

To explore and know more about the brain and nervous system bio psychologists uses many different techniques and methods to understand it. As we know that to understand human brain is very difficult as it is very complicated, biopsychology is making every effort in making people aware and understand about the numerous unknown functions of the brain.

Through neuro surgery Bio psychologists studies about the functionality of the brain. They learn about extremely rare neurological diseases. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon uses best technology to scan the brain.

Introduction of advanced tools and technology has made it possible to scan the brain and know the exact cause of biopsychology. Examining brain from inside helps in knowing the reason for persons wierd behaviours. The most common brain examining process is MRI. It scans the brain and helps in knowing and detecting about the injury if caused any, in the brain.

Another method of examining brain is through Electro Encephalograms also known as EEGs. It is a painless and safer way of examining the electrical activities of the brain. Electrodes that are attached to the scalp helps in tracing the brain waves. Bio psychologists also uses the methods of brain scans like Computerised Axial Tomography (CAT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to scan the brain and know more about the brain and nervous systems.

It is also surprising to know that human behaviour, their thoughts and actions all are controlled by different parts of the brain. The researchers started gaining interests in this and they keep on trying to understand how this works.

Views of Philosophers

It is said that people has recently known about the exact location of mind and its functions. As earlier it is said that Aristotle used to think that heart is the one through which our thoughts and actions come from.

Later two Greek persons Plato and Hippocrates states that all our thoughts, behaviours and actions come from brain and it is the one and only source of this.

It was also heard that earlier there was a debate between the philosophers relating to how the mental world differs from the physical world.

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