Hey, Mamma! How to Prepare for an Upcoming Maternity Shoot

In the early 90s, a very pregnant Demi Moore stunned the world by posing nude for the cover of Vanity Fair. Celebrities have a way of making their maternity shoot into an over-the-top occasion.

But that doesn’t mean you should get scared about your upcoming maternity shoot.  The photos are for you, not for the cover of a national magazine.

Keep reading for some basic information on what to expect when you’re expecting a pregnancy photoshoot.

Consider How Pregnant You Want to Be

Some expectant moms are fine taking maternity photos a couple of weeks before the baby is due. But if that’s not your style, that’s OK.

Many photographers consider seven months or so to be a sweet spot for a maternity shoot. The bump is visible, so it’s clear you didn’t just have a big burrito for lunch. But you’re also not too tired and sick of the whole pregnancy thing.

But what if you already feel tired of the whole thing at six months? A good photographer will work with what you can give, even if you feel like it’s not much.

You can also discuss retouching options when you first meet the photographer in charge of your maternity shoot. If you’ve been barfing for your entire pregnancy, a little lighting tweak could help you look more luminous and less sick.

Find a Comfortable Setting

Many expectant moms decide to have their maternity shoot at home or in their backyard. That’s a lovely option, but you can look to other settings as well.

For instance, celebrities love to take pregnancy photos by the beach, or even in the water. If you live near the beach, why not use it for your pregnancy photoshoot?

As a bonus, many women report feeling fewer pregnancy aches and pains when they’re in the water.

No, you don’t have to be nude, either. That’s popular with celebrities, but you should focus on what makes you feel good.

You can still get great photos of your pregnant body in a long, flowing dress, for example. But avoid colors that are too bright or distracting. Your pregnancy should draw most of the attention.

A comfortable setting also means you must advocate for yourself. If you don’t like the photographer’s suggestion for a pregnancy pose, let them know. Suggest your own maternity photo ideas if you have them.

Don’t forget to include your partner in some shots. You’re growing the baby in your body, but they played a part in the process as well.

Finally, consider the time of year. If you’re seven months pregnant in June, a beach shoot might make more sense than if you’re seven months pregnant in December.

Take what nature gives you. Try not to force anything.

Preparing for a Maternity Shoot

A good working relationship with your photographer is key to a great maternity shoot. If you feel like you can’t work well with the person after meeting them, then look for someone else.

Make sure to book early as well. Around 16 or 20 weeks is a good time to start making calls.

If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to contact me. I’d love to help make your dream maternity shoot a reality.

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