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Gym Hassles you Can Avoid When You Have a Home Gym

There are so many wonderful reasons to keeping yourself fit; but sometimes, good intentions could be overpowered by the hassles of hauling yourself to the gym.


If you are truly determined to achieve your health goals through proper exercise but don’t want to deal with the troubles of going to the gym, having your own set-up at home can solve your woes.


Here are just some of the hassles you can avoid if you opt for your own home gym.


  • Kiss your excuses goodbye

How many times have you skipped exercise because of flimsy excuses? “It’s raining; I better stay in today.” “The traffic’s so bad; I won’t have time for anything else if I swing by the gym before heading home.” “Oops, I didn’t hear my alarm. I’ll just start over tomorrow.”

If all your fitness equipment is right at home, you will most likely be more motivated to get up and exercise. Additionally, you will be able to work out whenever you want. Christmas? New Year’s? No problem. Your gym’s open for use 24/7!


  • Eliminate the additional cost of maintaining a gym membership

According to a 2019 study by the Wellness Creative Co., one gym member is worth an average of over $517 to a facility annually. Monthly fees could range from anything between $60 to $120 monthly, or even higher.

Research from the International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association also indicated that 46% of former gym members discontinued their memberships because of costs.

If you have a local gym membership, you’ve probably felt the dent on your finances. The price of your commute or gas expenses going to and from will also add up to a significant amount sooner or later.

Although you will have to pay a decent amount of money for upfront costs, you will definitely be able to save more money over time if you invest in a home gym.


  • Say farewell to long lines or distractions

You have a tight schedule to follow and expect your training routine for the day to be done after a certain amount of time. However, you often overstay at the gym because you have to wait for your turn to use a specific piece of equipment. Conversely, you might often feel the pressure to end your turn quickly because of the number of people waiting on you to finish.

Being able to move at your preferred pace if you have your own home gym will likely increase your efficiency’ meaning you will be able to do more exercises and burn more unwanted calories.


  • Chuck the awful gym playlist out the window

Did you leave your Bluetooth earphones at home or maybe at the office? You just can’t find it in your gym bag, what a tragedy. You have no choice but to listen to whatever’s booming on the gym’s humungous speakers—but their beats are just not cutting it for you, and you know it’s totally going to throw off your game.

Selecting music to pump iron to is a personal thing. Perhaps you like death metal playing out loud in the background while going at it on the chest press machine. You can crank it up and lift to the beat of your choice if your gym’s right at home.

Having the exact music that you find inspirational for working out will give you a more satisfying experience, and most likely better results, too.


  • Less germs means less likelihood to contract diseases

You might be wondering how many sweaty gym-goers have held on to the handles of the lat pull-down machine you have been eyeing to use today. Did any of them drag their behinds to the gym while nursing a cold?

If you are a neat freak, this is probably the greatest perk of having a home gym. You can clean your equipment as often as needed to avoid spreading germs, decreasing the risk of getting sick.


  • Sayonara, subpar equipment

Most establishments invest in mediocre quality equipment to save on cost. This causes their machines to get worn down too quickly from constant, vigorous use by thousands of gym-goers every month.

Building your very own home gym from scratch means you will have the power to choose top-quality equipment that will suit your needs. With proper maintenance, your home gym equipment can last for decades.


  • Eliminate self-consciousness

You do not have to be concerned with your appearance or the way you grunt as you lift that barbell off the ground. No one will be around to judge you as you sweat or even when you lay on the ground after an intense session.

Think of the space you have available at home, and the type of workouts you are incorporating into your routine before the shopping begins. The beauty of building your own home gym is that you have full control over how to use the space and equipment you’ll end up buying.


With your own gym, you can focus on staying motivated with your chosen home workout and of taking care of your body in the best way.

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