Cloud-Based Online Charging System – The Next-generation OCS Capabilities

Telecom operators are fighting tooth and nail to stay ahead of the competition these days. It is not easy for them to lure new customers towards their products and services by simply employing traditional and obsolete solutions.

Customers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about newer technology, making it essential to utilize modern day solutions, such as cloud-based OCS, or online charging system telecom. If you are looking for the right solutions in this area, Telgoo5 can help.

Need for cloud solutions led digital transformation

It is inevitable that sooner than later cloud-based telecom billing solutions are going to be the telecom industry norm. There are multiple companies from several industrial verticals that have already made a move towards cloud based operations. The next torchbearers of digital transformation is in the form of online charging system telecom with cloud computing. This is why the tech needs to be looked at closely by telecom operators.

How to identify a quality OCS that offers digital transformation?

It is important that you identify the key attributes in terms of the quality of OCS since your entire business may very well depend upon it. A few key features include the following:

Handles convergent revenue management situations

Legacy charging systems are concerned with focusing only on specific charging plans and ratings. These systems are not flexible to address evolving needs of a contemporary customer. It is important that you look for converged revenue management capabilities when you switch to an OCS. This function can allow your cloud-based OCS to handle the complexities involved with prepaid and postpaid models.

Future technologies supported

It is more important than ever for telecom service providers to be well-prepared to handle emerging requirements with technological evolutions, such as IoT, VoLTE, and 5G. Future technologies can easily be monetized by a quality cloud-based OCS, along with other popular multimedia options. This gives a telecom vendor the ability to adapt and meet customer billing needs in the future, without having to change telecom billing solution platforms.

Cutting-edge analytics

It goes without saying that telecom operators need to know the present and future requirements of their customers in order to attract them with personalized offers. Contemporary cloud-based online charging systems, unlike their traditional counterparts offer cutting-edge features to do just that. A quality OCS will be able to support an abundance of plan features, such as family plans, top ups and auto renew plans to name a few.

Cost effective

Cloud-based OCS can be innovative enough to significantly reduce a telecom provider’s operational expenses. Cost efficiency is possible because there is zero dependency on hardware in the cloud environment. It is important that you look for feasible and economical OCS solutions that help you make the most of your move towards accelerated digital transformation.

Distributed infrastructure capabilities

Customer preferences can be fickle. Your OCS solution to address this customer nature needs to be completely scalable and flexible. You can attain this with a cloud-based online charging system telecom which works through distributed infrastructure. You can attain unmatched scalability with cloud-based OCS that allows you to increase or decrease the scope of your telecom operations whenever you want to.

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