7 Secrets to Create Successful Exhibition Planning

Hosting an exhibition stand is an expensive affair, so you need to make sure that the money is well spent. To make it a great success, you need to plan it that way! Yes, this is the fundamental aspect of hosting an exhibition stand at any event. It is not just about your product or services, it is in fact, about several other important aspects that together make the whole participation of yours a great success. The first and foremost step is – Planning, planning, and lots of planning!

If you really want to draw visitors to your exhibition stand and leave a lasting impression on them, you really need to create a detailed plan for all the activities related to your event and determine the role an exhibition plays in achieving your marketing goals. Before we move ahead, you should know that exhibition planning needs a lot of your effort and time. It cannot be done in a day or two. You really need to spend time to plan each and every aspect of it. Let’s know the secrets of successful exhibition planning….

1. Make Sure You Choose Your Exhibition Carefully

Almost every industry has its dedicated exhibition or trade show, and there are many exhibition organizers as well. But before you plan to host an exhibition stand, you need to choose the right exhibition to exhibit. Many organizers claim big things, like huge footfalls etc. But only after participation you realize that the exhibition you participated in was a total waste of money, which is not wise. So, choose your exhibition carefully, do enough research and then decide.

2. Event Budgeting 
Event budgeting is crucial, you need to create a proper budget for hosting an exhibition stand. For that you will need to take every aspect such as, stand area, stand design, stand fabrication, manpower, audio/visual, etc. into consideration. Also, review your budget against actual expenses, for that you can consider past years’ expenditures accordingly you can outline expenditures for the current exhibition too.

3. Location of Your Stand Matters 
The moment you know the name of the exhibition that you want to participate in, immediately you should book your space also. Choosing the right stand location plays an important role in the success of your show. Know that best spaces get sold out first. And best locations are visible and attract more visitors. There is no point in spending a lot of money for a stand that sits at the last corner of the hall, where hardly any visitors come. So, it is important that you select the best location and that is only possible when you book on time, at least 6 months prior to the event.

4. Hire a Professional Exhibition Contractor
It is important that you hire the best exhibition designer in the industry. Professionals are able to deliver what exactly you want, even they can deliver you more than what you are looking for. They are good at blending your goals with their concepts perfectly and come up with a stunning exhibition stall that stands out!

5. Promote your Show
However, event organizers promote their events and shows, but promoting your show from your end will allow you to have people who you want to visit your stand at the exhibition. Promoting your event allows you to have more people other than the regular visitors who will come on their own. You can promote your event across all the social media platforms, website, etc. Besides, you can send invites, email blast on your database and let your audience know about your participation. Make sure you start promoting well in advance. So that your clients can book their dates for that.

6. Prepare an Event Timeline and Stick to it

An event timeline is A MUST to get things on time and avoid any clash. You cannot afford to delay anything, everything related to the event, from your staffing to their briefing, marketing to sending invitations, booking space to stand designing, so on and so forth should be done on time, you need to religiously abide by timeline. Event timeline should be made and followed throughout the planning and execution stage to hold a wonderful and an impressive event.

7. Create the Design that Stands out
Finally, your exhibition stand design! It is not just about your product and services, it is in fact, about your goals. And your goals can only be achieved by having the exhibition stall display that stands out. Beautiful and impressive stands attract visitors on their own. Also, it is important that the design you choose for your stand communicate your brand’s message effectively.

To Pan Out…..
So, these are the 7 secrets to create successful exhibition planning. Following these steps can help you make it a great success!

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