How to Get Rid of Mosquitos in Your House

Mosquitoes are a real pain in the neck – sometimes literally. They live their lives by flying around sucking the blood out of humans and animals. You’ll know when there’s a mosquito infestation in your home as you’ll be covered in bites that itch like crazy.

It’s important that you get rid of any mosquitoes in your home as they can be potentially dangerous as well as irritating. They carry nasty diseases like malaria, which they pass on to humans. So, if you keep hearing the telltale buzz of mosquitoes in your house, then here’s what you need to do:

Use Mosquito Netting

The best way to get rid of mosquitoes is to stop them from getting into your house, to begin with. An effective way of doing this is by using mosquito netting. You can get special netting that attaches to your windows and covers them when open. This means you can still let in some fresh air, but mosquitos – and other bugs – can’t fly in.

It’s also a good idea to get loose netting that can be placed around beds. This protects you and your family while you’re sleeping.

Burn Scented Candles

Mosquitoes are sensitive to certain smells – such as citrus and lavender. They hate the sweetness of these scents, so they’ll stay well clear of your home. This leaves you with the easy task of burning some scented candles around the house.

Not only will this encourage any existing mosquitoes to leave, but it will also stop any new ones from coming anywhere near your property.

Ultrasonic Repellers

Small pests are also very sensitive to high-pitched frequencies. Therefore, an ultrasonic repeller comes in handy for you. These devices are relatively small and can be plugged into any available wall socket. When turned on, they emit a high-frequency tone that basically scrambles the brains of mosquitoes, bugs, and even some rodents.

Consequently, mosquitoes will flee from your house and never return! The beauty of this idea is that it requires basically no effort, and you won’t even notice the device is working.

Mosquito Fogging

This is a technique that we use as part of our mosquito control service. Essentially, the outside of your property gets sprayed with a chemical treatment that kills mosquitoes and stops them from reproducing.

Now, you can technically get a similar service for inside your house, but this means you’ll have to leave your property while it’s fumigated. We offer the exterior mosquito fogging as it’s just as effective and can still remove mosquitoes from inside your home – particularly when paired with the other ideas.

In essence, the mosquitoes will react to the chemicals in the ‘fog’ and move away from your home as quickly as possible. They won’t want to hang around as it will mean they die. So, you’re left with a mosquito-free haven.

It is possible to get rid of mosquitoes, but it’s far easier to prevent them from entering your house. If you have a mosquito problem, then use these tips to banish them for good. Then, carry on using them to stop the nasty pests from returning.


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