Quick Ways For Doing Pest Control

In school or in public places, you’ve probably often heard the saying that cleanliness is next to godliness. The same applies to pest control as clean homes and surroundings often means 80% less insects and creepy crawlies. However, there are many other factors that attract pests to a home that could be spotless clean too.

Today, we’ll discuss some of the quickest and hassle-free methods of doing pest control services. The first step always is our own where we try to contain the infestation ourselves. If that fails, the next option is to call for professional pest control services in India, which isn’t an issue either.

Fastest methods of pest control treatment

1) Maintaining a tidy home: Insects are attracted to shelter, food and water. Clutter and unwanted things lying around gives them shade and shelter while food crumbs are their source of food and wet kitchens and bathrooms mean plenty to quench their thirst too. Maintaining a tidy home is the first step in pest control and in most cases, it avoids the need to contact pest control companies.

2) Do a quick survey: This includes inspecting your home for gaps in foundation to avoid unnecessary insects coming home. This includes checking whether you have appropriate netting at home. It also includes checking surroundings for overflowing and open drains, unattended garbage, etc, which could attract mosquitoes, cockroaches and more.

3) Block entry points: Like we said, there shouldn’t be gaps. Good netting will avoid mosquitoes while sealing and caulking gaps and holes in door and window frames will see fewer number of cockroaches, ants, rodents, termites and other insects coming home. Broken pipes and drains should also be fixed.

4) Trim your plants: While greenery and plants beautify the home, it’s advisable to maintain a neat and tidy garden or front yard or flower bed as applicable. When plants are overgrown and unattended, they provide hiding places for insects. Pest control companies in India will also recommend certain action for your garden when they come to inspect your home.

5) Using chemical pesticides: You can do pest control treatment yourself, provided you use the right kind of chemicals which you can order online or even get at home improvement stores. Make sure the chemical is labelled for use for that particular pest only. Also, be careful while application, so as to keep the chemicals out of reach of kids, pets, senior citizens and much more. Also, discard the boxes, containers, sprays, cans, bottles of pesticides once done.

6) Calling for professional help: This is the last resort when it comes to pest control services in India. While we can do most of these ourselves, a lot of time and effort needs to be invested which is difficult considering people are always busy these days. Pest control companies nowadays offer a one-stop solution for pest control which includes action against mosquitoes, cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, bed bugs, and many others. In fact, they also offer home cleaning and deep cleaning services.

Homeowners are going for the smarter method of scheduling annual or bi-annual routine pest control checks. Whether they have pest control issues or not, they call for pest control services so as to make sure they’re always protected. Like they say, prevention is better than cure.

The best part about pest control is that it’s now no longer expensive. With so many companies in the market providing pest control solutions, the competition is high and the prices are very reasonable. In fact, the services even come with EMI and warranty options too, based on the type of pest control package selected.

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