Explore the Facts Related to The Delicious Tandoori Chicken Recipe

India’s flavors attract everyone with the spicy and tasty ingredients added to it. People mostly love to enjoy the taste of non-vegetarian and to try the new recipes of the same dish. Tandoori chicken is one of the most experimented dishes that stimulate the taste buds of many people.  It has gained popularity across the globe, not only in the place of origin.

The dish is a perfect example of the dish made into successful completion with the addition of natural spices. Even the other components act on the body, giving beneficial effects if the ingredients used are natural. Many varieties of the dish are made by improving or reducing so2020-02-12me of the ingredients according to individual tastes.

Facts about Tandoori Chicken Recipe

The delicious dish is prepared by roasting chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, which is a specially baked cylindrical clay oven. The origin of the dish was mentioned to be from the Indian subcontinent and is also said that it has similarities with the food items of the Harappan civilization period.

Studies conducted at various places tells that the origin of this spicy tandoori chicken recipe is from Punjab and get popularized around the world watering the mouth. Many foreign countries have given importance to the dish on their menu after experiencing the treasure of taste.

Nutritional benefits of Tandoori Chicken

Fast food items are considered to be unhealthy as many preservatives are added to preserve it that can damage health. But the same dishes when prepared at home gives many benefits of the food in addition to the spicy and attractive taste it gives. The dish is high with calories of 220, and has some amount of fat and cholesterol content. This can be reduced while baking the dish at home to avoid the harmful components of the food.

The distinct taste is given when the dish is eaten, as it is the perfect blend of many health benefitting spices. Chicken is usually rich in proteins and several vitamins that are required for the development of the body. When used without adding the artificial ingredients, it gives all the benefits of eating the chicken and the ingredients added to make the dish perfect like turmeric.

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