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Learn About Lenovo’s Yoga 5G ARM-Powered with Full Specification and Reviews

When you name your product ‘project limitless’, there better be no limits. Lenovo is going to introduce the world’s first 5G laptop named as Lenovo Yoga 5G ARM-powered Windows laptop. It is a prototype early-stage device. This is not the world’s first 5G laptop, instead, it’s the first 5G laptop for consumers. So, Lenovo was the first company to announce a 5G laptop when they showed this model off together with Qualcomm at Computex 2019.


The proper name, proper specs ready to hit the market in the spring. It’s not the first laptop to pull off the 5G trick because just a couple days ago Dell revealed the Latitude 9510 which is also 5G baked in. But that’s with Intel rather than with Qualcomm or rather it’s an Intel processor and Qualcomm modem. The company showed off the first look of their official website. The laptop looks fairly bland and you can easily distinguish this product with the other midrange laptops by Lenovo.

Here is Some Interesting Internal Specification of Lenovo Yoga 5G ARM-Powered Windows Laptop:

Lenovo Yoga 5G comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8cx processor which means it runs Windows and it is going to be a little bit lighter on processing power compared to a lot of the Intel stuff. But you will have always-on 5G connectivity on it. We didn’t get to see a lot of devices using the HDX. yet the Lenovo laptop called ‘Project Limitless’ will be the first to not only have the HDX but also use the x55 5G modem as well. It will also work with 4G and in terms of 5G, it covers both millimeter-wave and sub 6. So that’s one big benefit of using a Qualcomm laptop.


You get that connectivity that you do not always get with standard Intel processors on a Windows laptop.


After that, the other big benefit is battery life. Most of the Windows on Snapdragon computers have amazing battery lives. This laptop is no different than the 5G. It should last up to 24 hours of use which is a full day but obviously, you are not going to use your laptop all day. So, what you are probably looking at the best part of a week’s use is between charges which is really fantastic.


However, it did show us very high speeds playing a video on this theoretical network had no delay. There is no buffering required. When you jumped from different points within a video. Now since it’s an early device, we don’t want to make too many judgments. The keyboard of the laptop is quite good to type on it. Therefore, when we open the camera of the laptop. It takes a quick picture and the picture was pretty good. The build quality is a little chunkier than you like.


The rest of the specs are basically solid 8 GB of RAM and a storage of 256 GB or 512 GB. It is a 14 inch IPS screen. So, it’s nice but you know it’s not OLED or anything like that but it should look good. You can fold it back in order to use it as a 2-in-1 fold. It is also pretty light as it is 1.35kilos. That is somewhere between two and three pounds.


Other Specs:

  • Two USB-C ports.
  • A headphone jack
  • A nano-SIM slot for supporting 5G on it. You can also work on this laptop by using eSIM on it.


The confirmed date was not announced yet by Lenovo. These are the full specifications and reviews of Lenovo’s Yoga 5G ARM-Powered Windows laptop. So, if you are willing to purchase any laptop for you, you can surely opt for this laptop.

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