Is Boarding School Beneficial for Your Kid?

The Yes and No of sending kids to boarding school

Having second-thoughts about whether or not to send your child to boarding school? Well, it’s a tough decision to make because it can psychologically affect you and your child, apart from being a financial investment.

The boarding set-up requires a child to live and study in a controlled and disciplined environment, which many parents find difficult for themselves and their child. Let’s see and discuss both sides of this decision-making process. Let us explore the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ of boarding schools. Provides an independent and safe environment


When a child studies in boarding school, they live in an environment where they are required to make their own decisions and have to carry-out their work themselves. Without parents, they learn to manage their lives, from studies to carrying-out day to day tasks.

Teachers and wardens support and supervise the children morally but they aren’t overprotective of them. They ensure that the students adhere to all rules and regulations, work according to a time table, and follow a proper routine. They also take care of the students, making sure that they don’t get affected by being away from their families.


It is a known fact that parents work as the best role models and are the greatest support system in a child’s life. A child tries to follow in their footsteps. When a child separates from their parents, it can affect the child psychologically, which can even result in the child becoming anxious and alone.

No matter how much a teacher supports a child, they cannot replace the warmth of a parent. A child can even feel isolated and alone until they learn to mingle with peers.

Learning environment


When in boarding school, a child gets involved in various activities and facilities which they otherwise do not have access to while going to a regular school- for instance, an all-time access to the library, a computer lab and constant guidance for their studies from all the teachers.

Here, a child’s talents are given a boost by making them participate in various sports and theatrical events which are convenient since you don’t have to go the extra mile to arrange for such activities.

A child learns new experiences which helps in diversifying their horizons as they get exposed to many new activities such as community clubs, which they can otherwise miss if they are part of a regular school.


When in boarding school, you live, eat, sleep and study with the same set of  peer groups which is a huge drawback as it restricts their communication.

Promotes social and psychological behavior


A child when separated from their parents, learn to leave their comfort zones and engage in getting involved with a peer of the same age. They try to maintain the relationship and work together as a team to sail through this phase.

Being in a boarding school makes them more mature, by teaching them tolerance and compromise, which is necessary for maintaining any relationship.

In such a setting, they celebrate different festivals and occasions that expose them to different cultural backgrounds. They learn to celebrate and respect each other’s ethnic and religious views and festivities.

Children learn to adapt, adjust and accept others. They engage in the decision making process by analysing and critically thinking things through, which makes them independent and such a child benefits a lot in the long term. Nowadays, many companies prefer appointing those who can work and live overseas. This is where an adjusting and independent nature can prove quite helpful.


A relationship maintained in such a school is regulated and governed by rules and regulations of the school. They get in contact with a certain group of children since school enrols them based on certain criteria: For instance, with high fees you know the crowd in school will all be from wealthy families. This is quite discouraging as a child does not get to interact and involve with children who think differently from them.

By reading the above pros and cons, maybe you will get a better idea about taking this tough decision.

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