iPhone 11 Series Luxury Fabric & Silicone Back Cover

iPhone 11 series cases

Do You have an iPhone 11 series? Have you been asked how many kidneys you have? Have you been the butt of all jokes whenever you ask for a charger? Do people tease you by showing you their headphone jacks? Do you get a heart attack every time your phone drops from your hand?

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about any of these issues but we know exactly what will make your phone the talk of the town – Fabric Covers!

Don’t you just love the feel of an iPhone in your hand? The perfect fit-in-your hand goodness but you are too scared to keep one without a cover because of scratches? These fabric cases for iPhone 11 are slim fitting and they hug your phone without adding any extra baggage. They even snugly surround your volume and side buttons and charging ports! Talk about made for each other!

The iPhone 11 Pro fabric cover is made with a microfiber lining that absorbs shock and keeps the phone safe from scratches and blemishes! The one-piece soft case consists of PU leather and flexible PP. It’s made from a two-material synthesis that provides all-round protection to your phone and gives it the care that your phone deserves. The premium leather on the back is soft to touch and adds an ounce of elegance to your beloved piece of technology, while the Shock absorbent PP inside protects your phone from damage.

All other covers require you to remove them from the back before putting your phone on the wireless charger. This process of removing and applying the case can cause scratches on the phone surface making it too cumbersome to use this technological marvel on your phone. But worry no more – These fabric cases are designed to allow your phone to get wirelessly charged without having to remove it every time the battery drops, which we all know is very common.

This Lightweight, soft and comfortable covers add a business style to your look. They are luxurious and extremely easy to use. They come in a plethora of sober and sophisticated colors such as grey, dark grey, black, and navy blue. There is something for everybody!

Still wondering why, you should buy these fabric covers? They are available for all variants of the iPhone 11 series – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone pro max mobile covers!

What’s more, you can buy them at the feeble price of 599 INR! Incredible protection, sleek look, wireless charger friendly and the envy of all your friends! So, hurry up and find the perfect phone buddy for your perfect phone!



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  1. Hi Guys,

    I just want to ask some help on what apple case should I need to buy? I need soft press button because the one that I bought now is very difficult to press the button and it’s hard to remove the case if I am going to clean up my phone.

    I hope you will advise me. Thank you!

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