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Trees are amazing, aren’t they? They help the ecosystem, look stunning, and hide a whole host of sins where your home or business exteriors are concerned. As such, most of us do whatever we can to keep those stunning structures in good health for as long as possible. Sometimes, though, even our best efforts aren’t enough. Some sure signs that your attempts at tree preservation are foolish rather than kind include –

  • Evidence of disease
  • A visible lean of more than 15 degrees
  • Signs of more than 50% damage to root systems
  • The growth that compromises building structure
  • Potential risks of falling branches

If you spot these warning signs or similar, it’s time to accept that tree removal may be your only chance at preserving the area, and helping healthier trees nearby to thrive. But, before you make the cut and contact a tree removal company, you might have one last question – how much does tree removal actually cost?

Sadly, as you may be able to imagine, there is no set figure. In fact, a wide range of factors come into play where settling on a final price is concerned. But, that’s not exactly helpful, which is why we’re going to consider a few things that could at least help you begin budgeting for this project.

Understanding how tree removal costs are calculated

When you contact a tree removal company, you may end up facing costs anywhere from $225-$4,500+. That’s a rather large budget gap, and understanding how those costs are calculated is your best chance at knowing which side your project will land on.

The main thing to note is that trees vary a great deal in size and scope. Not to mention that your reasons for seeking tree removal in the first place may play a part in how large, and thus expensive, a project will be. A tree that’s growing too close to your property, for instance, maybe harder to remove than the one already hollow from the disease.

An arborist is the only person who can give you an accurate idea of job worth, and getting a qualified quote is the best chance you have at pricing accuracy. Still, you could start building a budget picture by merely considering a known factor like the size.

This remains one of the largest indicators of tree removal costing, and it could prove hugely helpful to you if you want to get a head start or keep an eye out for grossly overestimated quotes. As a general rule, then, consider that pricing averages based on this distinction tend to be –

  • Small tree (5-15ft) – $250-500
  • Medium tree (15-25ft) – $500-900
  • Large tree (30-60 ft) – $900-2500
  • Extra-large tree (60ft+) – $2500-45000

Prepare, too, for pretty large fluctuations in these essential price points depending on everything from your location to the companies you turn to, and more.

Is there such a thing as an average cost for tree removal?

With the above in mind, you may be wondering whether there’s such a thing as an ‘average’ tree removal cost for you to work from. Sadly, as you might be able to tell from the points already mentioned, average pricing isn’t the most useful concept in this instance. Still, national averages from last year point to the fact that standard tree removal should come in at around $871.

Do with that figure what you will, but remember that it’ll likely have very little standing on the actual amount you pay once this task is complete. Still, some people may find this basic figure useful as rough guidance. Just don’t be afraid to admit that you might need to shift the goalposts a little if you receive a few quotes that come in a fair way above that cursory number.

What exactly are you paying for with tree removal?

If you are struggling to deal with the high price points that often come alongside large tree removals, it’s worth considering what exactly you’re paying for when you employ arborists to remove your tree. This is an incredibly specialized service, after all, and certification, experience, and quality service are all fundamental to project success. When you pay even high prices for large tree removal, you can expect those costs to cover –

  • Assessment (unless you turn to companies who offer free initial consultations)
  • Top-quality equipment
  • Work hours (more for larger projects where multiple arborists must attend)
  • Cleaning of area, including stump in most cases

And, this is before you consider individual factors, such as dangerous branches, hollow trees, and complex forestry diseases. Each of which could further the work, and thus cost, that you can expect.

The importance of seeking quotes from a company you can trust

The main thing to be aware of is that in an industry with such wide pricing variations, certain companies will inevitably charge too much. The good news is that your knowledge of general size-appropriate pricing will stop you from paying $1,000+ for small tree removal. The bad news is that significant discrepancies like the $900-2500 bracket for large trees still leaves businesses plenty of scopes.

That’s why our most important advice when it comes to tree removal cost is to always seek quotes from companies you can trust. If it helps to put your mind at ease, you may find it worthwhile to gain multiple quotes for this purpose. Even if you don’t have time for that, sure signs that an arborist is giving you a fair price include –

  • Free consultation/assessment services
  • An effort to protect rather than remove trees where possible
  • 24-hour services with your needs in mind
  • A detailed quote which explains the reasons behind costing

These are just a few benefits you can enjoy by turning to a reliable arborist service as offered by AAA Tree Care Experts. With over 20 years of experience maintaining and removing trees to client requirements, we promise our tree removal costs will always remain reasonable so that you don’t have to worry. Simply contact us today on (704) 366-1134.

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