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Why Everyday Bra Will Not Work with Clothing for Special Occasions?

Every day bra is a simple bra in terms of design. It is the most comfortable one can wear for a longer time compared to other shape lifting bras. Though it is also available with thin padding there are no extra attachments like angular pads and under wires. So, everyday bra is not suitable for special occasions clothing as it has limited advantages.

Why to Not Wear Everyday Bra for Special Occasions and How to Choose the Perfect for Special Occasions?

1. Visible bra Line

An everyday bra gives effortless support and everlasting comfort but are made of cotton. Cotton is bulky compared to other natural and synthetic fabrics which are used in bra making. Also everyday bras may have seams/darts on the cups so as to provide some lift and shape to the breasts. This results in visible bra lines through body hugging tops and clingy bodycon dresses and such apparel definitely need special occasion bras.

2. No Nipple Coverage

Everyday bra has a single layer cup which needs further layering (of a camisole) to hide the nipple bump which may be more visible through your white and pastel shade dresses and shirts. Even if you opt for a moulded bra, an everyday moulded bra is a soft cup bra which means it has very thin foam and fails to cover your nipple bump properly.  If you plan to wear a lehenga blouse it is always better to go for special occasion bras such as padded bra or push up bra so that you need not to face these issues.

3. No Lift or Contour

Special occasion clothing needs an elevated silhouette for a couple of reasons. An underwire bra contours and improves the shape of your breasts.  A pushup bra increases your cup size and better fit than an everyday bra. Also these bras give a smooth look without leaving any unwanted bumps or seam impression on your outfit. Various push up levels gives you the option to increase your cup size in a dramatic manner. This not only holds your embellished ethnic apparel but also gives you an incredible structure.

4. Not Suitable for Special Occasion Clothing

Everyday bra is a bra not suitable for special occasions if you plan to wear deep or low neckline outfits. A half cup bra with widely placed straps as in balconette bras are the perfect option if you are wearing a shallow neck.  This type of bra will sit right under your clothing showcasing the top portion of your breasts without showing off the bra straps and cups. 

5. Plain and Simple

Special occasion bras are not limited only for parties and functions. There is a saying (?!) that you can go braless to your bed instead of wearing an everyday bra.  It just means that an everyday bra may be a comfortable one but it is definitely not a fancy kind. A lace bra will make you feel and look sexier than an everyday bra.

An everyday bra is not suitable for special occasions.  Special occasion bras not only make your wardrobe versatile but also will make you look fabulous.

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