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Signs You Might Have Skin Cancer

Cancer is the abnormal and unwanted growth of cells in a person’s body that, at a point, becomes unmanageable. There are approximately two hundred types of cancer. The abnormal growth of cells cannot be caused by one specific compound or reason; hence it can very rarely be prevented because, at times, it can also be genetic.

When it comes to skin cancer, or scientifically known as Melanoma is the unprecedented and rapid growth of skin cells in a person’s body.

The major types of skin cancer- basal skin carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, nonmelanoma skin cancer and melanoma.

Basal Skin Carcinoma

This type of cancer develops in the basal cells of the skin. This is where the new skin cells form, and the old one wears off. This type of skin cancer generally develops as a small cyst on the skin and takes place majorly due to overexposure to the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. Basal skin carcinoma shows noticeable changes in the skin.


  1. Small lumps on the skin: these lumps look like translucent boils on the skin and are quite complex to deal with because they are very delicate. One scratch can leave it bleeding, and it can be painful.
  2. Ulcers: specifically, these ulcers are called lesions, and they are slightly more complicated than the lumps on the skin.
  3. Rashes or bruises: you might find reddish patches on your skin that can expand over time.
  4. Morpheaform: a pale white coloured lesion.


This is one of the most chronic forms of skin cancer. It hinders with the melanocytes- the skin cells which produce melanin, the complexion of the skin. Melanoma can also attack the eyes and a few times the intestine as well. It is generally caused due to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun,


  1. Melanoma can develop anywhere in the body, but most commonly occurs in places which are likely to be easily exposed to the sun. Hence, the areas where one gets easily tanned are the parts where Melanoma can form.
  2. However, it can also exist in places where the exposure to the parts of the skin that are least exposed to the sun, like the soles of the feet.
  3. You can detect Melanoma if you realize an existing mole in your body has started changing its shape, colour or form. It can also be the development of a new mole that grows and changes rapidly.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

As its name suggests, this type of cancer attacks the squamous cells of the skin present in its mid-layer. Thus cancer can rapidly spread and cause harm to other parts of the body as well. Though hostile, it can be controlled. It is caused by harmful ultraviolet radiation from any object.


  1. Ulcers inside or outside your mouth or ears.
  2. Roughness in the mouth.
  3. Patches of rashes on genitals.

Cancer treatments in India: India offers one of the highest percentages of doctors hence it has several institutes that offer treatment for cancer. A few of the best hospitals for several types of cancer treatments in India are-

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket , New Delhi
  • All India Institute of New Sciences, New Delhi
  • The Cancer Institute, Chennai
  • Apollo Speciality Hospital, Chennai
  • The Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute, Ahmedabad

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