Some Unique and Interesting Ideas to Style a Wooden Shelf Rack?

Decorating and showing off a pretty wooden shelf rack gives us an opportunity to showcase our own style and personality. Although there are a million ways in which you can style your shelf rack, however, when it comes to doing it, most of us often run out of ideas.
To help you out, we have whittled out a list of some important tips that can help you style your wooden shelf rack in an interesting manner. Let’s have a look.

• Exhibit Souvenirs

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must have collected some little trinkets from all your travels. You can always these souvenirs that you gathered from different places to brighten up your rack. Make sure to group similar objects that vary in height together.

• Add Colour with Greenery

You can always enliven your shelf rack by placing low maintenance plants potted in classy containers. Mud pots or aluminium pots painted in bright hues also look very interesting.

• Always Use Odd Numbers

This is a popular trick used by top interior designers to decorate a shelf or rack. Odd number works for almost all kinds of objects. As a rule of thumb, three is a magic number. You can try this with three photo frames placed on your wooden shelf rack of varying sizes. To get the most charming look, go for one large, one medium and one small frame with different orientations.

• Hang Artwork from Shelves

This is another great idea that never fails to impress. You can use this with a shelf that sits approximately four to five feet above the floor. Use some non-abrasive frame hanging clips to fasten the painting with the shelf and impart a beautiful vibe.

• Mix in Natural Materials

A meticulous mix of organic materials can make a space feel absolutely complete. You can introduce a touch of natural stone to your shelf rack by placing stones like onyx, marble or amethyst bookends. Also, this will perfectly blend in with the wooden texture of the shelf rack.

• Add Intriguing Shapes

Coral is a great way to break the monotony and brighten up the space. You can select a piece of coral that has an interesting shape. But you need to be very careful while doing it. this is because an unusually big piece can take over the entire space whereas very small pieces may seem like visual clutter.

• Add a Touch of Metallic

Metallic add pieces can break the flatness by adding a beautiful sheen to the wooden shelf rack. While nickel and pewter are the most popular choices, a touch of brass can also look exceptionally well. Opt for brass objects that have a slightly faded and rustic appeal.

• Display Vintage Décor

Vintage décor items and electronic objects, such as clocks, radios, cameras, etc. can look beautiful when displayed correctly. These items can introduce a touch of elegance and history to your shelf rack that is very appealing.

These are some easy and simple tips that can help you style your wooden shelf rack in a fascinating manner.

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