Commercial Photography: Definition and Types

Commercial photography is a huge field of multiple categories and specializations. When we hear the word “commercial” we come to think it is something engaged with business, commerce, sales, or money. You heard it right! The purpose of commercial photography was to promote a product, brand, or individual, to sell a product or service. Here are the various types included in this photography.




Advertising Photography

Advertising photography’s purpose was to highlight a product or service, brand or individual. This can be done through print advertising such as magazines, newspapers, leaflets, and more. 


Aerial Photography

This type of commercial photography is taken in an elevated position using higher-end cameras from helicopters, aircraft systems, parachutes, and balloons. 


Architecture & Interior Photography

Capturing images from structures, buildings, and interior of a house or restaurant or any space. This kind of commercial photography is employed to promote a restaurant, real-estate businesses, houses and more, to entice customers.


Automobile Photography

This kind of photography is utilized by car companies and automobile dealerships to employ brand new and existing cars. This photography focuses on promoting the car’s features and benefits to potential clients and increase their interests. This has been in great demand for the past few years. 


Food Photography

This photography is a specialized category of commercial photography. We all know that the food industry is becoming popular and has been rapidly growing. The same is true with the rise of its demand when it comes to photographers.


Jewelry photography

Without this photography, jewelry of today wouldn’t be known. This is the heart of the jewelry industry. Every feature of ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings is highlighted in ways that will bring out the best in a piece of jewelry.


Journalism photography

This photography is considered to be an art of taking newsworthy photos. This type of commercial photography is difficult especially when shooting the right images to produce a newsworthy story. It captures major events or current happenings in the world or a particular country. This is used by media houses, news channels, online news portals and more, to deliver the truth behind an event or situation.


Product Photography

The company promotes product awareness among customers to increase sales through excellent product images. This kind of photography is on the next higher level. This type of commercial photography critically promotes various features of products, benefits, and showcases its style quotient.


Sports Photography

A type of commercial photography that captures the most crucial, important, and interesting event in a sporting world. Sports photography uses excellent cameras to capture sharp pictures of players in action.

Another field in photography with great demand as of today. 



Who would have thought that these types are commercial photography? We all think that these are just basics and just have their own. 

Commercial photographers own it all. Without it, no sales, no awareness, no desires, and interests for a product or service would be made. If you are looking for commercial photographers who professionally provides great service, do not hesitate to visit Wren Photo‘s page.



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