Follow 11 points to get a duplicate pan card easily

It is evident that the Permanent Account Number, i.e. the PAN card, is significant in our daily life. The Pan card number assigned to each person is valid for the entire life. If for any reason, your pan card is lost, it would be a tiresome method to acquire a new pan-card. However, today, getting a duplicate pan card can be relatively much quick. You need to follow a specific process for the same. An individual can get the duplicate pan card online or offline.

Process for getting duplicate pan-card online:

The government has now begun the e-pan card service. It has become more accessible, quicker and convenient for people to get a duplicate pan-card while without having to go anywhere.

1. Visit the NSDL portal:

You have to log onto the official website of TIN-NSDL, i.e.

2. Select the option of ‘reprinting of pan-card.’

You need to navigate the webpage and find the option that says reprinting of Pan card or changes or correction in existing pan data. If you have given the accurate data before, then you do not need to change it. You can continue further. However, if the information provided earlier was incorrect, it becomes crucial to edit it.

3. Choose the kind of pan-card you lost:

When you choose the option of reprinting your pan card, it will take you to another page. Here, you need to select the type of pan card you lost.

4. Submit the required details:

You need to fill up the information that is marked compulsory. Without doing that, you cannot move to the following step.

5. Enter the captcha code asked by the web page

6. Personal details:

After this, it generates a token number that is sent to your mail ID provided by you in the details you have given. After that, your personal information shows on the screen. It is crucial to verify and recheck the information shown.

7. Submission of the form:

There are two ways that you can submit your application form. You can do it online. For verifying the information that you provided, they send a one time password to the mobile number provided in your Aadhar card. The offline method is where you post the necessary documents to the NSDL office.

8. Select which form of pan-card you need:

The next step is to decide if you want the pan-card in a tangible form or virtual form. If you select the latter, the digital pan-card is sent to the valid email id that you had provided in the earlier details.

9. Payment:

The payment of the necessary amount is made through online banking. However, the expenses may vary based on whether the address where the pan-card has to be delivered is within the country or outside.

10. Acknowledgment slip:

After payment of the necessary amount, you receive an acknowledgment slip. This helps you track how far the procedure of getting a duplicate pan-card has reached. The acknowledgment number needs to be saved for any future references.

11. Delivery of pan-card:

The process of obtaining a duplicate pan-card is complete after you receive the pan-card at the mentioned address.

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