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Powerful De-Stressing Tips to Take Into the New Year

Let's learn about the powerful de-stressing tips all of us can take into the New year.

Let’s be honest – stress is a part of our life and it’s not going anywhere. The way we lead our lives in this fast-paced world makes it impossible to live stressless. However, we can and must choose our stress response. We can let it overpower us or we can learn how to fight it head-on. 

I think we should go with the second option. So, let’s learn about the powerful de-stressing tips all of us can take into the New year.

Tackle the clutter

We all know that we dread doing those things that we must do. Cleaning is often one of these activities. We usually postpone it until we’re out of excuses. But, what if we told you that decluttering and cleaning can reduce stress? It’s all about getting lost in an activity that does not engage any thinking. Repetitive movements can give you peace of mind. You can also listen to an audiobook while you clear out excess objects from your living area. This way you’ll engage your mind while doing something good for yourself. 

Pick an activity you’ve never tried before

When we start exercising, we get used to going to the same place three to four times a week. If we are committed to our goals, we easily get used to doing the same exercise routine over and over again. But, after a while, it might become boring just because we are used to it. That’s why we can try a completely new activity like pilates, barre classes, and even pole-dancing. Choose something that sounds interesting and challenges your body in a completely new way while letting your mind de-stress.

Cook and bake

Cooking and baking both require some skill and patience but are equally worth your time. Just like cleaning and decluttering, cooking can give you peace of mind. In addition to de-stressing you, it will also provide a tasty and even sweet relief. 

Skilled cooks can use a few hours of their time to practice some new recipes and enjoy the process. Newbies can also enjoy this process, enjoy the creativity behind it and perfect their cooking skills. Learning a few new recipes can enrich your life and even better your diet. Healthy eating is probably one of your resolutions for the new year so start perfecting your cooking skills.

The power of a wind-down routine

Proper wind-down routine, right before sleep can be the ultimate stress relief. When you reduce the amount of cortisol running through your body, you’ll fall asleep easier and sleep better. The stress hormone keeps your body awake and alert which makes it harder to fall asleep at night.

Engage in some relaxing bedtime activities like meditation or a self-massage. Moreover, you can combine both with the help of a massage chair from Inada. Different massage programs can slowly reduce muscle tension while you keep your eyes closed and focus on deep breathing. This additional boost of oxygen can reduce stress and ease the tension. 

Step outside instead of sitting in front of a screen

Spending time outside or even better in nature helps us stay grounded. It fills us up with positive energy, increases Vitamin D levels and overall boosts our mood. Even a brisk 10-minute walk can improve your spirit, get your blood flowing, reduce the side-effects of sitting all day and breathe in some optimism into your day. Freash air can help release serotonin and further affect your mood and make you happy. So, put down your phone, close your laptop and step outside. 

Dance to the beat to reduce stress

A bit of moving to the rhythm and singing your favorite tunes can put you in a good spirit. When you feel overwhelmed, just put on some comfy clothes and play your favorite tunes. Dance like no one is watching and let the music fill your body with positivity. This will elevate your mood and serve as a nice workout. You can also play some soothing music in the background and also feel the tension slowly seep away. 

Find refuge in your pampering routine

The power of a hydrating sheet mask or a nice bubbly bath shouldn’t be forgotten. A pampering routine can feel like the most luxurious spa session if it’s done right. Sometimes we just have to treat ourselves to something that feels nice and reinvigorating. 

You can focus on your face or you can give your entire body some TLC. Whatever you choose to do, try to be fully present in the moment. Give your body a treat and you’ll improve your entire wellbeing.


We can’t eliminate our stressors entirely, but we can choose the way we cope with stress. These tips have the power to relieve stress and help us enjoy life more. Give them a try and see how your life improves.

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