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Say goodbye to crooked teeth with Invisalign clear aligners! Align Technology has worked for more than a decade to develop this state of the art comfortable, removable & invisible braces that have created more than 7 million beautiful smiles all over the world. Orthodontic treatment with respect to Misaligned teeth to get them to proper occlusion using traditional braces such as metal braces is not a preferable option, especially to many adult professionals. At Little Pearls Orthodontic & Invisalign Bangalore center we have silver certified Invisalign specialists who have completed more than 10 successful Invisalign cases in the year 2019. Our center is also equipped with an OPG for a full mouth X-ray to assess any underlying conditions and a portable iTero scanner which gives the simulation of the entire Invisalign treatment even before the start.

How does Invisalign treatment work?

Invisalign treatment Step 1 – Unlike an impression taken before treatment with traditional braces Invisalign treatment starts with an iTero scan which scans the arches to detect any malocclusion. The files are run through software called clincheck which shows the treatment simulation with the treatment results. Once the patient is satisfied with the treatment outcome shown by the Invisalign Orthodontists on the screen the treatment is planned.


Invisalign treatment Step 2 – The type of movements and corrections for the misaligned teeth are predetermined by analyzing the scan and the aligners are ordered. The number of aligners varies from six to fifty depending on the complexity of movements.


Invisalign treatment Step 3 – The aligners also called invisible braces are ordered and arrive typically within a week.


Invisalign treatment Step 4 – This is followed by composite bonding on the patient’s teeth using an Invisalign template. This is an important template tray and has to be carefully kept by the patient in case the bonding is required again as the Invisalign clear aligners sit on these elevations to guide precise movements.


Invisalign treatment Step 5 – The aligners are handed over to the patient at our Invisalign Bangalore center after the orthodontist’s explanation and user instructions.


Invisalign treatment Step 6 – Unlike traditional metal braces, orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is made of an advanced material called smart track from align technology which delivers forces in the desired trajectories to move the teeth to the desired position correcting crooked teeth creating a beautiful smile.


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