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Interesting things you need to know about wearing a Nursing bra

Introduction about Nursing Bra:

Everyone needs to know the reasons for wearing a nursing bra. It is very essential to wear one. Our mommas will be going through a lot during pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy, nursing many times a day, taking care of their young one, their discomforts, and body aches. 

So, to keep them comfortable and for healthy lactation, a nursing bra will be perfect. The fabric, one-hand access and foldable cups can be a savior.

Why Should You Invest In a Nursing Bra?

Nursing bras can be very comfortable for your changing body. It will adjust well to your bust size and gives you great support. Throughout your pregnancy, you may notice the size variation of your body, and a quality nursing bra will be made with breathable fabric and with the right amount of stretch to allow the normal flow.

It will be very easy to feed your baby with a nursing bra. Other regular bras are structured you may not feel comfier to nurse your baby, and every time you have to take off your bra to feed. But these nursing bras feature cups that fold down, pull aside for quick, clip open and with one-hand access. These bras paired with the right top will help to feed anywhere anytime.

When Should You Purchase a Nursing Bra?

The best time to invest in nursing is three to four months after your delivery. At that time you would have gained weight and the milk flow will be regularized, so it’s best to purchase at that time. Mainly measure the breast size in a midday when the breasts are full before feeding the young one.  

For some women, it is impossible to predict breast size. Some won’t go through much of a variation and some show ultimate size change. Meet with an expert and purchase as per the instructions.

What Are The Types of Nursing Bra?

Types of Nursing Bra

1. Hosiery Nursing Bra

Hosiery bras are soft and stretchable. It has quick-release clasp with a drop-down or fold down cup to easily feed your baby. The inner strap will provide a good hold and the mould gives great support to your breasts.

2. Cotton Nursing Bra

Nursing bras that are 100 percent cotton is the best choice. Every mom needs comfort while nursing- other fabric materials won’t make you feel comfortable but with cotton bras you can feel free all the time. This one doesn’t need padding and is available in all sizes. You can rely on cotton nursing bras for comfort.

3. Wirefree Nursing Bra

An underwire bra can be supportive too but wearing an underwire can interfere with the milk flow. This can become a serious health issue. It will leave red marks over your swollen breast, and your young one can suffer without proper lactation.

4. Seamless Nursing Bra

A seamless nursing bra is a soft and comfortable bra which moulds to your changing bust size. Seamless will not be irritating, it has a smooth plain cup. It has extra support and lifts the breasts correctly.

How Many Nursing Bras Do You Need?

It is smart to have a spare or two. You should be prepared all the time when you are handling a baby. There will be unexpected leakage, baby spit-ups or hot flash in those times you should have an extra bra to change. 

It is safe to have three to four nursing bras. “One to wash, one to wear and two as spare”

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