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Why Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Has Been So Popular Till Now?

Over the past few years, call centers have transformed into an inseparable part of business operation. Primarily, inbound call centers have gained in popularity because of their ability to shape a brand’s image. The voice of a call center agent is the first thing a customer hears when it tries to get in touch with a brand. Therefore, this very first contact becomes crucial for shaping its image in the eyes of a customer. But, due to their many limitations – financial and time-related – in-house call centers are unable to maintain a high level of service. This is the main reason why inbound call center outsourcing has become the preferred medium of business owners when it comes to serving their customers.

inbound call center outsourcing

Difference between the Importance of Outbound and Inbound Call Centers Outsourcing

Both inbound and outbound call centers are integral to the operations of a company. While outbound call centers help you find new clients for your business, inbound call center outsourcing helps you keep hold of your existing customers. In an outbound call center outsourcing venture, the agents serve as your brand promoters and work closely with your sales team. But, inbound call centers are the ones that have a huge bearing on the image of your business.

When a customer calls in, your inbound call center agents should be prepared to handle any situation. There is no advantage of any proactive information like in the case of outbound calling. Inbound agents need to be logical, well-versed with their process and should have the talent to build rapport with difficult customers. While both types of call centers are important, inbound call center outsourcing is a decision that should be looked at with greater care.

5 Reasons why Inbound Call Center Outsourcing is Popular

Inbound call center outsourcing allows you to share the burden of your work with a partner, which makes it an ideal option for businesses. Below are some compelling reasons why inbound call center outsourcing is popular:

  1. Offers cost advantage: Running an in-house department involves a lot of capital investment. From agents to software to infrastructure, you have to spend heavily on procuring resources. But when you outsource, you get a readymade department on a convenient subscription basis. In the modern times, companies are too busy handling their core processes and would rather not make major capital investments, which is why; they prefer inbound call center outsourcing.
  2. Experienced and talented workforce: Finding the right talent for a job as critical as inbound call center can be a major hassle. Established call center agents can be the difference between instant success and complete failure. A call center like Vcare with decades of experience in the field has proficient workforce in all capacities ranging from agents, TLs, managers and QAs. Access to the right talent for the job is big enough reason for the popularity of call center outsourcing.
  3. Access to multiple services: Call center work is not limited to inbound call centers There are different types of services like inbound, outbound and back office that are required by businesses for accomplishing a range of tasks. As outsourcing vendors provide specialized services that cater to different niches, they become an integral part of business operations.
  4. Access to relevant software: A call center outsourcing company has access to all the right software solutions that are needed for effective delivery of services. Also, the agents are already proficient in working on the software, which negates the need for training. Hence, call center outsourcing becomes a worthwhile and convenient option for companies.

Monitoring of KPIs: An in-house call center operation does not have the expertise to monitor KPIs, which leads to inconsistency. However, a proficient call center vendor like Vcare has managers and quality analysts who understand the value of essential KPIs like AHT, FCR, CSAT etc. Therefore, they always administer KPIs scruplously and ensure high-quality and consistent operation.

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