How AI and VoIP Can Improve Business Collaboration

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In this digital world, the revolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) automates routine manual tasks of every business. This helps the business to make a profit, increase its revenue and reduce overall costs. Implementing VoIP and AI in an office environment will save you money and increase your customer flow due to convenience and excellent functionality.

VoIP for business can safely be called an improved alternative to the usual fixed or mobile communications. This is an effective client communication tool that has been successfully used by tens of thousands of large, medium and small companies around the world. Whereas, AI learns and helps to solve various questions of clients, and is also able to communicate as a person.

In the telecom industry, AI technologies help the chatbot understand natural speech, identify the reason for the call and provide the necessary information in seconds. Artificial intelligence technologies optimize processes and sampling and provide a more accurate hit in the result. However, here are the following details on AI and VoIP can improve business collaboration:

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• Smooth Customer Support
• Remote Work Support
• Offer Call Privacy
• Helps in Network Configuration and Management Tool
• Assist in the Expansion of Plans

• Smooth Customer Support

Customers are an integral part of every business but managing their calls can be a difficult task. Therefore, call centres hire employees and train them in order to resolve their customers’ issues. They work overtime and handle them differently. But with the advent of AI and VoIP, companies can easily manage the customers’ calls and able to provide appropriate solutions to their problems. It allows you to receive multiple calls at the same time, record calls to analyze problems, track time and routes.

Many support centres use Automated Voice Response (AVR) technology, which enhances the business VoIP system by managing incoming customer calls. This ensures that the call is answered more quickly and routed to an appropriate agent. AVR is being extended to chatbots, which can automatically accept the voice and respond to the users’ generated query. In addition, this technology provides instructions, information and perform various tasks. These chatbots can interact with customers verbally

This brings huge benefits to organizations, plus reduce costs or operation as chatbots can work 24/7/365. After all, customer satisfaction is the main component of every business.

• Remote Work Support

In every business field, conferencing calls are becoming an important part. With the availability of an automatic translation mechanism, AI is able to enhance the value of multi-site and multi-country conferences. As they communicate with customers, it can also be used to identify individuals with voice recognition technology and able to provide appropriate information to customers.

In the telecom industry, AI provides accurate information about each call and SMS sent or received. Using the data, companies can analyze patterns related to problems such as call volumes, time takes to resolve the request, the number of missed calls, etc. This directly helps in optimizing responses and improving the quality of the response.

• Offer Call Privacy

Phone numbers have become a unique identifier for most businesses. The incidence of misuse of these phone numbers is increasing. Business phone systems and AI technology allow you to mask a number, which means that employees and customers can talk to each other without knowing or not gaining access to the numbers of others.

• Helps in Network Configuration and Management Tool

Nowadays, many companies are increasingly spreading their large complex multi-site networks. But for designing and managing this, companies need professional and experienced employees intensively.

But with the creation of Intent-Based networks (“IBN”), a self-configuring, self-healing and self-managing system is generated. AI will be a key part of Intent-Based networks, which will handle all the networking problems itself.

Each port of the switch needs to be individually configured and due to this, the larger switches take some time to configure. If the network structure is critical, then it will take more time.

However, AI can resolve this issue and perform automate the task. It makes the process of switches’ replacement easy. This brings benefits in the network systems and allows the business to focus on more productive tasks. It is similar to outsourcing this critical but auxiliary function to an expert at a fraction of the cost, as a result of which the team will again focus on the main areas of the business.

• Assist in the Expansion of Plans

Every business wants to scale but this does not happen without the joy of customers. Switching to VoIP systems makes it easier and faster to care for your customers. With rich features that come at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system, scaling suddenly seems less complicated.

The biggest advantage that comes with VoIP and AI is that scaling should not include the cost of additional infrastructure or systems with manual additions. It allows you to add/delete/change users with just a few clicks and allows you to freely make more calls and reach more people.

Wrapping Up!

Business VoIPs are a full-featured PBX that offers all the standard features that most companies need. Along with standard functionality, AI’s new features benefit the business in different ways. As companies move their business operations, more features will be available. The world is changing with the workplace and spreading its presence around the world.

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  1. Very interesting information I never imagine that VoIP and AI both can mix with each other and help to grow business and also used VoIP for my business and I think I have to move forward for this technology.

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