Have you heard about it? It’s a sign that you need a heating repair

Shhhh! Have you heard that noise? It’s coming from your furnace, right? Having a noisy heating system is not just annoying but can be a sign of a serious problem. So, fret no more and contact your heating repair company near you.

But before you call your trusted heating and air-conditioning repair Company, you should look at the sources of your heating-related sounds. First, you should turn off the power and gas supply of your heater.

Do you notice a loud or unusual sound coming from your furnace? If so, then let’s try to identify these sounds.

Heating Repair: Identifying Furnace Sounds

We listed some common heating-related noises to help you describe the problem to your trusted heating repair professionals.

  1. Scraping sounds

Although heaters are popular for their strange sounds while functioning, it is unusual to start hearing the scraping or metal-hitting-metal sounds. The normal sounds of a well-functioning furnace that you may hear are tiny little pops or hums as your heater runs.

So, a strange sound is an indication that there is something wrong with your heating system. It could be coming from a loose/broken blower wheel or a broken motor mount. A loose blower wheel can cause damage to the housing of your furnace system if left unattended. Call a professional heating repair service provider right away.

  1. Thumping and vibrating sounds

If you hear these sounds, then the root cause of this is an unbalanced blower wheel. The blower wheel of your furnace may have become loose, that is why it is making a strange noise by hitting the blower casing. Or the worst case is that the motor mount may have been broken. Have a heating repair expert take a look at your furnace right away to avoid further damage to your heating system.

  1. Humming sounds

Your furnace is working perfectly fine and yet you hear a humming sound coming from it. Well, you probably have a loud transformer or a bad interior fan or capacitor for that matter. You may say that the transformer does make humming sounds and that is true. But if it is making a loud sound when you are standing next to your heating system, then you should not ignore it.

Your heating system could run fine but not for long…humming sounds from your furnace can be a sign that your furnace is having a problem so call an HVAC repair contractor or else you could spend a cold night away while waiting for your heating repair finished.

  1. Squealing sounds

A squealing sound is a major indicator that the shaft bearings of your heating system need oil to lubricate them. A high-pitched squealing sound is caused by a fraying, slipping, or a loose blower belt of your furnace. Call a heating repair contractor to apply oil or tighten your blower belt to stop the noise.

  1. Banging sounds

Do you hear a loud popping or banging sounds whenever your heating system is turned on? Well, there are two reasons why your heater is sounding like this.

  • The air ducts of your heating system are expanding and contracting.
  • Your furnace burners are already dirty.

The banging sounds are a common problem of a furnace if the air filter is clogged, flimsy, or the dirty burner started to build-ups gas. And this is a very serious indication to call your HVAC contractor right away for it may cause an explosion.

Do you need furnace repair and maintenance today?

When you hear this strange and unusual sounds coming from your furnace, don’t hesitate to call your air conditioning contractor in Denham Springs. Although some furnace produces noise that is normal, a loud or funny noise is a clear indication that you need heating repair and maintenance.

Here at Acadian Heating and Air Repair, whether you need cleaning or maintenance for your existing AC unit or heating system, we are definitely the right company to call. We have a team of qualified HVAC service technicians to help you right away.

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