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5 Most Common Problems Fixed by OnePlus Repair Center

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OnePlus smartphones have become a prized possession for many. As its owner, you are most likely to use it with the utmost care. However, no matter how careful you are, there is always the possibility of your smartphone developing issues. There is no reason to worry though, as qualified repair technicians at OnePlus repair center can fix most of the common problems effectively.   


Let’s take a look at the five common problems that the technician can fix. 


Cracked Screen: The cracked screen is one of the most common problems because people regularly drop their phones, even the most prized OnePlus. And cracked screen means you have to get the screen replaced; if you don’t, you might not be able to use your phone’s features properly, and there are chances of other parts of your device getting damaged as well. Also, your finger might get injured when you swipe through the cracked screen. At a reputed OnePlus repair center, the technicians are equipped with the right tools and skills to replace the cracked screen in no time. 


Dying Battery: Your OnePlus battery has a limited life. Its capacity is going to decline over time. So, be prepared to experience battery-related issues, such as phone losing charge quickly. When that happens, it is best to replace the battery and not wait for its dead status. The OnePlus repair technician will take less than an hour to replace the problematic battery.


Blurry Images: Camera-related issues are quite common, and they can turn your good memories into forgettable, blurry ones. OnePlus camera does not function properly due to several reasons, including faulty software or hardware failure. You don’t have the skills or the tools to determine why the OnePlus camera’s clicked images are blurry. The repair technicians have them, and they can quickly diagnose the real issue and fix them as well. 


Sound Issues: You need to get your OnePlus checked from the repair technician if there is no sound coming from it when you are making a call or receiving a call, and if the speaker sound is cracking/not working, and for other sound-related problems. But, only go to the repair center after you have checked the volume control settings and ensured that the no-sound problem is not due that. There is a range of reasons for sound issues — including defective hardware, faulty speaker, and other reasons. You will find the exact reason when you give your device to the technician for repair.


WiFi Connection Problem: An OnePlus owner uses his/her device not just to make calls or receive calls but also to watch videos, listen to music, and browse interesting sites. You can’t do that when your phone’s WiFi does not work properly, which is another common OnePlus issue. You can fix the issue yourself if the problem is due to your mobile/router settings. However, if the problem is because of software or hardware corruption, you have to contact the OnePlus repair center. You can again enjoy a fast internet connection once the technician there fixes the issue. 

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