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Key Procedure and Reasons to Go for HIV Check

HIV is the acronym for Human Immunodeficiency Virus and its test determines whether a person has infection with HIV i.e. the virus, which makes one’s immune system weak. An HIV-infected person suffers from acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Besides, doctors recommend for HIV test or HIV check to identify the production of antibodies by your immune system in response to an HIV infection. Also, there are various other HIV tests intend to identify the evidence of the respective virus. Rapid tests may produce the necessary results within only a period of 20minutes.

Preparation and Procedure to Conduct HIV Test

Unlike other types of blood tests, you do not have to take any HIV prep steps. Instead, you only have to consult your doctor or schedule your appointment. Even a few of the clinics and hospitals let to approach for HIV testing directly.

Doctors mainly conduct HIV tests by collecting your blood sample or cells’ sample collected from the inner area of your cheek by using a swab to detect the presence of antibodies. A few of the HIV tests do not give accurate results immediately after you suffer from the infection. The reason for this is that your body needs some time to produce the required antibodies to deal with the virus. On average, you need 3weeks to 12weeks to make antibodies in enough amount to conduct antibody test for the detection of HIV infection.

Irrespective of the specific type of screening test used by your doctor, if your HIV test displays positive results, you have to go for a follow-up test to set up a proper HIV diagnosis. If you get HIV positive results on both your initial and follow-up tests, you are an HIV-positive person.

How HIV Test May Help You

By undergoing for HIV check or HIV test, you will get valuable pieces of information about your present HIV status. Awareness about this lets you to keep yourself and your partner in a healthy condition for a long time.

Take HIV Medicines to Manage Your Viral Load

Positive or Negative Test Result

If you get a positive result in an HIV test, you may take the necessary medications to treat it. by taking the prescribed medicines, your body or blood will make relatively less amount of HIV, so that any test may hardly detect it. Doctors refer to it as an undetectable type of viral load.

Obtaining and maintaining an undetectable viral load is the best possible way to stay healthy. When your viral load remains undetectable, you remain free from any risk related to the transmission of HIV to your HIV-negative partner via sexual intercourse. On the other side, when you get negative results in your HIV test, your doctor will provide you HIV prevention tools.

HIV Test During Pregnancy

If you or your partner is pregnant, you should undergo an HIV check to start the necessary treatment procedure and/or precautions in the case the result shows positive. Especially, if any conceived woman suffering from HIV undergoes early treatment during her pregnancy, the risk related to the transmission of HIV to the baby in the womb becomes excessive low i.e. about 1percent.

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