From the experts: 7 ways to avoid failed termite control!

Termites are one of the most worrisome pests to have at home.

Termites are one of the most worrisome pests to have at home. They can not only cause humans breathing and asthma-related problems, but they can also cause homeowners furniture repairs costs in thousands. They live in timber and wooden furniture and if left without taking any action, they can eat up into our furniture, causing it to become weak and visibly ‘papery’ and spoilt.

Termite control has thus become a much-needed service not just in India, but across the world. When you identify a termite issue at home or in your office, you should act on it immediately. Reports say that $5+ billion is spent on termite damage repair every year, in USA alone! Hence, the need of good termite control services!

You need to be smart and have the knowledge as well as know the right application when it comes to termite pest control. While one can do this on their own, it’s not advised. Home termite control is best given in the hands of the professionals. Today, we’ll discuss some of the top mistakes people make while getting termite control.

Top 7 ways to avoid failed termite control:

1) Maintain low levels of moisture at home

Moisture is the best way to invite termites at home. They like soft, wet surfaces and they need a constant supply of water to survive. They can go weeks without food but only a few days without water. Thus, it’s best to maintain conditions as dry as possible at home.

2) Use fresh and dry mulch in gardens

Similarly, in your gardens, it’s easy to attract termites because there’s always wet conditions here. Any structure or wooden items in your garden should be away from the house so it doesn’t give termites easy access. Similarly, use fresh and dry mulch rather than wet mulch. Wet cardboard also has the same effect on termites.

3) Block all entry points

How do termites enter your home if you block all the entry points? This can be done yourself but it’s better if you call the pest control experts. All holes in walls, home foundation, door and window frames and other points of entry should be caulked and sealed to avoid not just termites but other insects too.

4) Don’t try it yourself

There are hundreds of options for home termite control, so why not use them!? Doing it yourself is almost always ineffective when it comes to termites as these guys find the smallest of holes and spaces within your furniture to live. They are almost always difficult to spot too.

5) Check the pest control company’s certifications

Termite control services are easily available, but choose well. Make sure your termite control brand has all necessary government licenses and certifications. If not, you may be putting your home open to risks such as the use of inferior, unauthorized chemicals.

6) Read the terms and conditions well

This is an addition to the above point and is critical while choosing termite pest control. This is done to avoid any hidden charges, and to make sure you have warranties. When warranties are in place, you can always call your termite pest control brand in case of a termite infestation relapse.

7) Don’t always choose lowest prices

Local pest control brands entice customers with lowest prices. This may sound nice but remember, they could also be using inferior chemicals which puts your furniture as well as your family members in danger. For termite control, look for maximum value in all departments. Do not consider price as your only decision-making factor while choosing termite control!

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