Was President’s Rule The Only Option Out For Maharashtra?

When it comes to the political scenario persisting in Maharashtra, only someone who is completely cut off from the world would know of the political unrest that it has been experiencing lately. In November 2019, Governor Koshyari made it clear in his statement that it was becoming increasingly difficult to who constituted a stable government in Maharashtra while giving his report to President Ram Nath Kovind. He authorized a proclamation compelling President’s Rule in Maharashtra, as a response to the recommendation made by Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari. This decision from Mr. Koshyari came up after one day of inviting NCP, the third of the largest parties in the Assembly, to form a government to oversee Maharashtra.

ETV Bharat Marathi News brings the latest news of political scenario from Maharashtra where the Union Cabinet along with its leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, convened and ratified a proposal to the President to issue a proclamation as given under Article 356(1) of the Constitution of India, as reported by a senior Home Ministry official. The Cabinet met up at the Prime Minister’s residence just moments prior to his flight to Brazil as he was expected to attend the BRICS summit that very day.

Apparently, the Governor of Maharashtra presented a recommendation to the President that he had underway some attempts to examine the likelihood of formation of the Government of Goa by having reasonable transmissions with the political parties collectively who possess the ability to form a government in coalition with some other political party or parties. Unfortunately, his endeavors to do so have gone awry as of yet. Keeping political situation, conditions and base realities in mind, the Governor is pleased that the circumstance has ensued in the State of Maharashtra, where it has been made almost impossible to make up and/or construct a stable government in the State, as was made clear by Mr. Koshyari’s report.

The Mumbai latest news also spills that after the much sought-after coalition of BJP-Shiv Sena refused to construct the government as an alliance and the Shiv Sena could not receive the required letters of aid from the NCP and the Congress party, Mr. Koshyari requested the National Congress Party (NCP) to stake assertion to construct the government in by 8.30 p.m. on the coming Tuesday. Just hours before the deadline was about to expire, Mr. Koshyari sent in the announcement proposing Central rule. It was made clear further that the report was sent as the NCP pursued time until 11.30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Due to such commotion and extreme political unrest that was ensuing in Maharashtra, the governor of Maharashtra was left with no other choice but to make use of the power of article 356 of the Constitution of India. No stable political party had the ability to form a government there, as a result of which political chaos would have followed the fate of the State.

Article 356 correlates to provisions in the event of delinquency of constitutional framework in the State under which the President can make a declaration by which he can also the charge to himself all or any of the actions of the Government of the State and all or any of the powers granted to or within exercisable authority by the Governor or somebody else or an authority in a State except the State legislature. The declaration is exercisable for a maximum duration of six months and it can be rescinded at any point of time. When all of these conditions and scenarios cohabitate, there is not much left to do by the political figures and the President’s rule was the only logical option left.

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