Types of Sports Bras You Should Consider for Workout

Pushing yourself for workout is never as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of determination and will to get off the couch and head to the gym. But along with a never-give-up attitude, your training also demands a good sports bra to reap the benefits of your fitness session. This 2-min read is all about the different types of fitness bras to make your workout an effective one. 

Different Types of Sports Bras

Based on Function

  • Compression Sports Bra

As the  name suggests, these bras offer great compression to the breasts by restricting them from bounce. They offer a uni-boob shape and do not have defined cups like that of a regular bra. Most of the sports bras we get in the market today are compression ones as they are of good use when it comes to low-medium impact activities. 

  • Encapsulation Sports Bra

Encapsulation sports bras, on the other hand, have separate cups that provide good coverage to the breasts while still retaining their natural shape. Instead of simply compressing, these bras protect the breast tissues and ligaments from losing their elasticity, thus securing them from stretch marks and sagging problems. You can also find encapsulation bras with fitted underwires in case you are looking for additional support.

Based on Style

what are the type of sports bra

1. Racer-Back Sports Bra

Shoulder pain is one of the most common complaints in women who don’t wear a proper sports bra. This is because of the lack of support from a regular bra. For this very reason, sports bras are tailored with a racer back instead of the conventional shoulder straps. Racerback sports bras also ensure you don’t suffer from back pain due to posture problems. 

2. Cross-Back Sports Bra

Activities like running and jogging involve more effort, muscle, and arm movement. These high-impact exercises demand more support than what a regular sports bra offers. The shoulder straps are criss-crossed at the back in a crossback sports bra. 

3. Classic-Back Sports Bra

The straps in a classic back sports bra resemble that of a regular bra. It is opted for when your workout doesn’t involve intense moves and strain.

How to Select a Workout Bra for Your Activity?

Based on how impactful your workout is, it can be classified either as 

Low-Impact Activity– You can go for an easy, breathable unlined sports bra for low-impact trainings.

Medium-Impact Activity-Padded sports bras that offer compression are a must since these exercises require bounce protection. 

High-Impact Activity– A padded encapsulation sports bra is most preferred in this case to save you from posture problems. 

Get to know how impactful your activity is based on the chart below.

Low-impact  Yoga, Meditation, Strength Training
Medium-impact Cross-fit, Zumba, Cycling
High-impact Running, Cardio, Jumping Jacks

How to Find Your Sports Bra Size?

It is essential to know that sports bras come in generic sizes such as S, M, L, XL, etc. Most online lingerie stores come with a handy size chart to make the task easy. Here is how you measure yourself to use the chart.

  1. Bring a measuring tape around your torso (just below the breasts) and note the value. This is your band size.
  2. Next, bring the tape around the fullest part of your breasts and note the value. This is your bust size.
  3. Bust size minus the band size will give your bra size which will fall into any of the generic sizes mentioned in the chart.

Take a look at a sample size chart. Note: It may differ depending on each website’s way of grouping bra sizes.

Ponder no more about finding the right sports bra. The lingerie market out there is flooded with sports bras for every workout of yours. Now, all you need is the strength to push your limits and give that muscle a reason to smile.

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