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4 Tips to chat with unicorn girls

Short but very useful

If you want to meet a unicorn, it is best to talk to each other’s preferences, so that they can more interest the other party. So how do you talk to a unicorn in the end? What skills should I master? Let me give you a brief introduction.

Talck method

Talk about light topics. When chatting with a unicorn girl, let’s not discuss any serious life topics, we might as well talk about some light topics, so that each other’s moods are not so heavy and serious.

Talk about interesting topics.

You can talk about funny things from your childhood, or some funny things from friends and relatives around you, to make the girl on the other side happy, and the other party will find you approachable and interesting.

Occasionally laugh at yourself.

If you really do n’t know what to talk about, you can occasionally laugh at yourself. Remember that self-mockery is not ridiculous. Your self-mockery should be humorous, so that the other person would like to chat with you. Pay attention to observation. When chatting with her, the most important thing is to pay attention to her expression changes and her feelings. If she is happy with a certain topic, you can talk more; if the other party is not interested, you better hurry to change the new topic After all, everyone’s point of excitement is different, not that you find it interesting, the point is to make the other person feel interesting with you.

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