A Guide To Lesser-known Government Jobs You Can Easily Get

The demand for government jobs never goes down. The excellent salary structure and perks offered by these jobs attract a large number of aspirants every year. Only a few make it to the end positions due to limited vacancies available. Most people go for jobs that have high competition because they are most commonly known among people. The lack of knowledge of the lesser-known government jobs makes it tougher for them to land one. Some of the lesser-known government jobs that people should start preparing for are:

1. Water and Power Consultancy Services

A job in the Ministry of Water Resource of Indian Government Water and Power Consultancy Services is an honour in itself. It gives consultancy assistance in the areas of power, infrastructure and water resource management. The excessive prices of other foreign consultancies forced the government to put a halt to their services, and it gave birth to WAPCOS. SarkariResults has all you need to know about these jobs and how to ace them.

2. Power Finance Corporation

Power Finance Corporation Ltd. is counted in the list of Navratna companies. This financial institution and is the backbone of the country’s power sector. In the beginning, it was entirely under the ownership of the Government of India, but in January 2007, the PFCL issued an IPO. The public oversubscribed it by nearly 76 times. This is the largest oversubscription in the past years for an Indian company. Many honours have been bestowed upon PFCL. It remains one of the best companies to work in.

3. Travel Writer

This is one of the most unheard government jobs in India. One could work as a freelance writer in the travel and tourism department. If one has excellent writing skills, the Indian embassy can also promote him/her to get in touch with the tourism department in foreign countries. This not only gives people the chance to travel across foreign lands but also to write about the experiences and get good pay for it.

4. Customs Department

We all are acquainted with the customs department which prohibits illegal smuggling across borders and waterways. The job description in this is related to that of Cargo Auction Officers. One of the most excellent perks of being an officer in the Customs department is that they get to keep the confiscated items like imported and expensive liquor, chocolates and jewellery. SarkariResults is the site to visit for detailed information and more about these different jobs.

5. Diplomat

One of the lesser-known jobs through Indian Civil Service exams is that of a Diplomat. By clearing the exam, one can become a diploma in India in foreign countries. Or else one could also become a part of the Indian embassies that are set up in different countries all over the world. It is a highly reputed job and perfectly suitable for people who want to work for the Indian government but in a foreign country.

6. The Indian Council of Medical Research

The ICMR is counted among the most significant and oldest medical research facilities in India and the world. It is the primary facility in India for the formation and growth of medical research. Government of India allocates budgets to ICMR with the help of the Department of Health Research. The ICMR runs 26 institutions all over the country, but hardly any people know about it. Even most medical professionals do not seem to know about it. These institutes are exclusive in the area of research and diverge throughout the country.

7. Coal Mining in SCCL

When people talk about coal mining government jobs in India, the first thing that comes to mind is Coal India. Due to its popularity, the competition in Coal India is very high. The union government administers the Singareni Collieries Company Limited through the Ministry of Coal. This public sector undertaking is one of the oldest coal mines in India and provides some of the best mining jobs as well.

Sarkari Info about these jobs and much more on Sarkari Results are sure to help you find your way to a government job. Go for these lesser-known jobs to work for your government without much effort!

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